Building a New LGR Editing PC! Threadripper 3970X

May 15, 2020 by 33 Comments

Let’s build a new Windows 10 computer! Specifically, a work PC for creating LGR videos and other intensive audiovisual tasks. My i7-6700K machine was getting a bit sluggish for editing large 4K 60fps video projects, so this AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X build will be a massive improvement.

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● Parts list:
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X Processor
MSI Creator TRX40 Motherboard
Corsair Vengeance LPX 128GB (4 x 32GB) DDR4-3600 RAM
2TB+1TB+1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2
4TB Samsung 860 QVO SSD
Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4 CPU Cooler
LG Blu-Ray Burner WH16NS40
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Fractal Design Define XL R2 Case
Asus ROG PG348Q 34″ Monitor

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33 Replies to “Building a New LGR Editing PC! Threadripper 3970X”

  1. LGR says:

    FAQ time!

    Q: Why didn't you screw in the M.2 drives?
    A: The heatsink bars actually screw in right where the M.2 drive holes are, tightening them nicely! Only the one on the bottom-left needed a screw of its own, which I noticed after the clip seen in the video and went back to screw it in place. Not every shot makes it into the video, there were nearly 4 hours of footage I cut here!

    Q: Are the old parts for sale? Will you just give them to me?
    A: Nope! They're already in another case serving another purpose.

    Q: Gen4 NVMe drives exist, why didn't you buy those instead?
    A: I'm waiting on the Samsung 980 Pro line of drives to come out before going down that path. Could've waited, but honestly? I just got impatient and bought 970 Plus drives in the meantime since they're still a notable upgrade from the ones I had before.

    Q: Why the 3970X and not the 3990X?
    A: From the benchmarks I've seen of that CPU with the programs I use, it wasn't a huge enough performance gain to justify another $2,000. Law of diminishing returns and all that.

    Q: You screwed down the CPU plate in the wrong order, how could you?!
    A: By awkwardly working from behind a camera, tripod, and lights? Heh, my bad, I just didn't notice. Worked out just fine though!

    Q: How come you didn't install more fans in your case? Two fans aren't enough.
    A: Good thing there are four fans then! There are two intakes in the front, one large exhaust one on bottom, and another huge one in the rear. I've used this case for years with no problems and so far it's been doing quite well with the Threadripper. It idles at 43°C, goes up to about 60° while editing, and peaks at 73°C under the heaviest moments of video rendering. Sure, there are ways to make it even better, but this is cool by me! As mentioned in the video, I don't want any liquid pumps or motors because my goal is near-silence.

    Q: Why did you install the GPU on the second slot down? Isn't that slot x8, not x16?
    A: It's actually installed on the third slot down, which is x16, as shown on the Board Explorer screen at 16:07. Running GPU-Z confirms that it's running at full speed on all 16 lanes as well!

    Q: Have you heard of ~INSERT VIDEO PLUGIN/APP HERE~?
    A: Probably! But I'm sure you'll let me know about it anyway 😉

    Q: Farts?
    A: Farts.

  2. Pavel Dvorak says:

    Hi, is there some better case? I got almost the same one, and the cables were a real pain when you had all drives attached.

  3. Ayyy Lmao says:

    Would've kept the 1080ti instead of replacing it

  4. Joel says:

    4k60 takes some serious muscle. Video editing has long been one of the rare justifications for an enthusiast build, especially if rendering in after effects, etc. Found that out the hard way in 2013 when I thought my gaming rig at the time was going to be overkill for doing music video uploads with a rendered visualizer in AE. 8gb of ram in 2013 was plenty for gaming at the time but I quickly had to jump up to 16gb to even be able to use the majority of the threads on my FX8320, and that's before you even consider cpu performance. This was also in 1080p30 at the time.

  5. Cody Cowgill says:

    Any regrets with the Nvidia 3000 series out and Radeon 6000 series a couple weeks away?


  7. It's blasphemy to put a nvidia card in a AMD system! A crime against humanity I tell you!

  8. chuba says:

    This is just quality stuff, subscribed.

  9. why do you not like RBG?

  10. Dogol says:

    128 gigs of ram Jesus fucking Christ dude

  11. An0nym0us says:

    LGR: Amd Threadripper, 128gb DDR4
    Me: I5-4460 16gb DDR3 🥺

  12. Ikilleddave says:

    Any reason Why you choose air cooling over water?

  13. crazy waters says:

    Clint : I'm going to talk about this build's quircks & features and then I'm going to give it a Clint score

  14. Red Euro M. says:

    Finally! A computer that can run The Sims 3!

  15. that's a cool looking case – pun intended. I have a white NZXT case that looks like a fridge, so I bought a Westinghouse fridge logo – its metal but it sticks on.. got it on ebay, because well.. it looks like a fridge!

  16. Not sure why you think Liquid Cooling is noisy @ the pumps. I have a h100i V2 and it's completely silent even when overclocking my Ryzen 3700X

  17. Jhonjhon 17 says:

    It’s okay I hate egg too and I’m 14


  19. this pc is best its best pc

  20. TS Hummer says:

    TBH, shocked he doesn’t edit on some realy old PC 😂

  21. I wish I had money

  22. *laughs in 2010 laptop for edit videos

  23. Rosebud says:

    Doug DeMuro references:

    "Quirks and features" in 8:54
    "Thiisssss" 8:56

  24. Air Vent yt says:

    plz cable manege beter than right now omg

  25. Bourne S says:

    I found an old hpnvectra vl400, is this rare? I can’t find it anywhere on eBay or Craigslist… etc

  26. Brian Ellis says:

    How do you like the curved monitor for video editing and graphics? I'm interested in a similar Asus curved monitor. I'm wondering if it makes doing video or photo editing look distorted though? I assume it's better for gaming? I've never tried one.

  27. Dorian Kucio says:

    ”I want it to be quiet”
    Me with my old 24000 rpm fan and thermal paste old as the world: FEEL THE POWER FEEL THE TORQUE

  28. Stuart Green says:

    Don’t think your be needing proxies anymore 🙂 I can edit 4K on full on my amd r3900x and old gtx 1060 easily 🙂

  29. dnsoulx says:

    tfw the cpu is worth your whole computer

  30. KRAZY GEMARx says:

    Lol… Comments are 4k now. Now you can play crysis on 4k

  31. John Kelfy says:

    Overkill, just render overnight

  32. damn, I really want that old build of yours! lol