Create Rogue APs with MicroPython on an ESP8266 Board [Tutorial]

May 12, 2020 by 21 Comments

How to Turn an ESP8266 into a Fake AP Juggernaut
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 157

Creating fake access points is one method of tricking a target into giving up their Wi-Fi credentials — without them ever being the wiser. We’ve covered various tools for making rogue APs, but on this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll use an ESP8266 and simple MicroPython code to create our own rogue networks.

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Intro to Programming with MicroPython on ESP8266 Boards:

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21 Replies to “Create Rogue APs with MicroPython on an ESP8266 Board [Tutorial]”

  1. First Last says:

    Bro, you're blinking is getting much better, I'm proud of you dawg

  2. Thank you. I love python. Had you look good in black. 😍

  3. Ian Graham says:

    Thanks for sharing, well presented, as always 👍🏼

  4. Amir Hamja says:

    I want a video on how to install remotely backdoor app or software by sending a link in android or windows with full instructions.


  5. Show me how to hack wifi in Android

  6. MrMilkyway05 says:

    Can i do this on an rpi?

  7. Jason Pitts says:

    Kody have you explored AGPS and possible vulnerabilities with it? I followed the beacon spammer procedures from the last video and it worked perfect. Although I could see the real MAC on an Iphone by transmitting an SSID from the PNL, I was not able to see that happen in Bettercap. Should I see that in the Bettercap UI or does it even drill down to the level that the WireShark filters do? I've learned a ton from these videos. Thx

  8. Dark Prince says:

    Bro,How to use Kali Linux for games hacking?

  9. pi-duino says:

    Drop the AWFUL Music!!!!

  10. Logic Bob says:

    I wish this was using Linux. 😟

  11. Nice vid bro, can you make another explaining how to protect your phone against robbery? I mean when someone in real life want to steal your phone, I want to know how to locate it without using google because you need WiFi, you need the phone to be on, etc

  12. Pratima Devi says:

    Thanks for telling about this, didn't knew about MicroPython.

  13. Gérald L says:

    How can I add a page to enter credentials to authenticate?

  14. root@kali:~/Downloads# ./ngrok authtoken 1buonpDjhmkWaa53rpjQxDgOYH8_57vNFJQqrqjq6mdc6WYVz
    bash: ./ngrok: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
    Installing Kali Linux 64 and the AMD64 Ngruk loader and tried amd32 were the same problem

  15. Nice but this slows down the esp and also it could show a limited no. of fake APs.
    You should try packet injection on micropython.see:

    It works fine and I myself tested.
    Unfortunately, deauth doesn't works

  16. D.M says:

    Newtork is fast my man 💪 😆

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  18. 1nferious says:

    You should make a discord server!

  19. Josh Swift says:

    Where do you go for the hacking tools (physical ones) that you're using in the videos?

  20. Aman Rishu says:

    Null, I wanted to see a video to secure my home WiFi network.Is it possible to secure the WiFi networks.

    Looking forward for your favourable response.

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