Execute Hidden Python Commands [Tutorial]

May 2, 2020 by 21 Comments

Hide a Stager in One Line of Code
Full Tutorial: https://nulb.app/x5i8r
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 153

A stager is how a hacker establishes a communication channel between them and their target in preparation for an attack. Today, on Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll explore how a stager works and how to execute any hidden Python commands you sneak onto a target’s machine.

Raspberry Pi Starter Kit: https://nulb.app/x4ab9

To learn more, check out the article: https://nulb.app/x5i8r

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21 Replies to “Execute Hidden Python Commands [Tutorial]”

  1. Uppy Pasha says:

    Kody I wanna know that if SS7 is legal to exploit and why dont you focus on networks nowadays loved your vedios though!

  2. Memo Puertas says:

    Awesome! Thanks a lot.
    Chances are in a remote and out-to-date system there is no requests library or Python3, so using the Python2 and standard library you may achieve the exact outcome..
    Please keep feeding us so high quality stuff! #ThanksForAllTheFish

  3. Hello nullbyte , please how i can have. Two wlan card like wlan0 and wlan1 i should have 2 wifi card ? Thanks for your answering.

  4. thanks a lot of…can you please make for us a video how we can create simple bot instagram or twitter or other social network …thanks a lot of

  5. Raj Biswas says:

    That's not 1 line of python, there's at least 5 lines.

  6. You are so nice!

  7. Gaming AK says:

    Do u have email sir ?

    i want to contact u if u don't mind

  8. Mehmet K says:

    Modems with wpa 2 vulnerabilities are hacked.
    New modem passwords are broken?

  9. Video Request – Hak5 signal owl and running python payloads with it.

  10. Shivam Patel says:

    How use metasploit to generate an security patch bypassing app plz help to make it on termux app

  11. Apurv Bose says:

    Excuse me this is a query. I have wifi with 802.11x security which nobody is able to connect in my university. Plz Respond so i can fully wxplain my query

  12. Jay Bofa says:

    Hey, Null. Can you show us how to make a homemade vpn (through Linux server or raspberry pi) and your thoughts on making a vpn vs buying one? I would like your input on the pros and cons.

    Great video by the way and keep up the awesome content

  13. How to hack wifi using smartphone. Please make a video on hacking wifi in smartphone

  14. k sekar says:

    Can you make video for security alert for our…when we hacking by someone how to find it and break the there hacking.. It's possible?

  15. You know that you can use "import requests, json, base64"?

  16. HA singh says:

    Hey are you the one who have another channel called "learning code by gaming"

  17. COCOPOPS says:

    I'm sure he still stare at the camera while he is explaining the code.

  18. Can you do it on phone

  19. I get : json.decoder.JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 7 column 1 (char 6)

  20. g h says:

    You can import multiple modules in python with one import statement using commas. I.e. import json, requests. Also, ";"s count as new lines.

  21. dylan foley says:

    hey im trying to do a project based approach to my learning and i was wondering what are some good beginer hacking projects to practice hacking ?