GOING SUPERSONIC with U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds! Pulling 7 G’s in an F-16 -Smarter Every Day 235

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A personal thank you to Air Force MSgt Ryan Crane for nominating me for this flight. Thank you sir.

The Thunderbirds have a YouTube Channel

This flight took place on May 3, 2019 in Biloxi Mississippi. The reason it took so long to release is the high amount of research I wanted to do before releasing the video. I even visited the Air Force Research Lab at Wright Patterson AFB to discuss some aspects of this video with Aerodynamicists. Synchronizing all this footage and coordinating additional B Roll with the Thunderbirds Public Affairs Officer also required a lot of effort.

These are my own thoughts, not those of the U.S. Air Force or the Thunderbirds:
I’ve been around a lot of pilots and ground crew in my life and I must say that the professionalism displayed by the Thunderbirds was astounding. Their goal is to inspire and demonstrate the capabilities of the US Air Force, so I’ll take it a step further. If you’re a smart young person who is interesting in changing your life for the better, strongly consider the Air Force. The job market isn’t the best at the moment but the Air Force still has opportunities available for you to learn incredible skills even if you’re not interested in flying. They manage everything from logistics, electronics, aerospace, cyber and even space systems. The threats to freedom are becoming more complex, and in my experience working for the Department of Defense over a 15 year span (even longer if you count my work as a contractor) The US Air Force consists of some of the most intelligent service members our country has. These people are book-smart, but also have the confidence to solve real world problems with their own hands. If I have a complex aerodynamic question, my first call is usually to someone in the Air Force, because they understand these complex phenomena intuitively. For example, in this video you would hear Flack and I talking about pitot tubes in flight. We also had other discussions about fuel burn rates, Prandtl Glauert, weather…. all kinds of things. Simply put, if you’re looking for direction in your life, and you’re good with science and math… consider the Air Force. That being said, they also need other types of skills as well. Logisticians, writers, creative people who know how to solve complex problems in unique ways.

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26 Replies to “GOING SUPERSONIC with U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds! Pulling 7 G’s in an F-16 -Smarter Every Day 235”

  1. This video was the opportunity of a lifetime. When asked if I wanted to fly in an F-16, I said "Yes please, and there are some things I'd like to study. Can we try supersonic flight at different altitudes?" I'm very grateful for this opportunity and would like to thank Flack and the rest of the US Air Force Thunderbirds. This flight took place on May 3rd, 2019. This Spatial Disorientation training is something all fighter pilots go through so they can understand how their own physiology works under these conditions.
    Thank you for watching and learning with me. I always wanted to know what happened in the cockpit when a jet goes supersonic. If you think this kind of content is worthy of your support, you can become a patron at: https://www.patreon.com/smartereveryday

  2. Ano Harms says:

    Still like the blue angels more.

  3. Elyan Shaawi says:

    Destin: Look at you turning to avoid the sun.
    Pilot: …
    Pilot: Sure we'll go with that.
    Negative G: I was about to end this man's whole career 🙁

  4. “If I don’t approach each new experience with an appropriate balance between confidence and humility, there’s a good chance I’m gonna be humbled by force”.

  5. Tony Chenh says:

    This is fascinating and thanks for a good life lesson.

  6. kuchiku bam says:

    the back did a sonic boom 17:01

  7. Dan Wachler says:

    Flak dude’s butt chin has an anus

  8. Bro.. next time go to area 51

  9. Rup Benn says:


  10. Blexy Yt says:

    This guys are all about locking cool 😎😂‼️

  11. I even get dizzy watching this

  12. T Kelly says:

    Very cool. And props to you – I couldn't have done that in my prime.

  13. Roman Medina says:

    You missed out on passing out. Bummer! Also you missed out on ejecting. Sad story.

  14. So rockets go to 3 g sooo jets go faster we must make rockets jets becouse they faster or at lest something that jets have to make them go so fast
    And plus the thunderbirds are a show XD

  15. They actually put your name on the jet ? Ok that's legit, definetly a day to remember that's for sure.

  16. Steven Losey says:

    As soon as I saw you go back and highlight the head bobble, I told myself yep, he’s got spatial disorientation, probably onset Coriolis illusion. Nailed it. The Army hammers that training into us in the Hawk, it’s incredibly easy to disorient yourself in a helicopter.

  17. Yeah… I think imma be a pilot.

  18. Adrian J says:

    Wow that what called supersonic speed thanks for the vid!

  19. The highly requested 'Day in the Life' video is coming your way next Tuesday on the second channel! Head over there now and subscribe so you don't miss it! (@The Detail Geek 2 )

    If you've ever wondered what I do when I'm not detailing…well let's just say you won't be disappointed! I had a ton of fun making the video and even managed to get Mike off the couch! 🤣

  20. Mary Carroll says:

    This man sounds smarter than me in conversations when he his blacking out, than I do in normal conversation

  21. DoKkkk _ says:

    This is too much of IQ in only one video

  22. I like how explains stuff he sounds like a genius well I guess he is

  23. One thing I learned was…

    They practice a lot