LGR Oddware – Creative 3DO Blaster

May 22, 2020 by 22 Comments

The Creative Labs 3DO Blaster from 1994 is a full 3DO game console packed onto an ISA expansion card. Combined with a Panasonic CD-ROM drive, it lets you play 3DO games within Windows 3.1! What an enjoyable and uncommon treat.

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22 Replies to “LGR Oddware – Creative 3DO Blaster”

  1. LGR says:

    Seeing a lot of comments along the lines of "This is just like the Sega Saturn card from Nvidia!"

    I wish such a card existed! There seems to be a lot of confusion about what the Nvidia NV1 actually does. It does not play Sega Saturn games, it only plays a handful of PC games that were converted from the Saturn. Whereas this 3DO card plays the entire library of 3DO console games, not just a few PC ports. I made a video about the NV1 years ago if you wanna know more:


  2. That version of road rash runs better than the windows version that came out a few years later. It's also really cool to watch windows 3.1 multitask with full-blown games like a modern operating system. What a card.

  3. PongoXBongo says:

    Couldn't they have done the video pass-thru internally, on the card itself? Just bridge the ports on the PCB.

  4. AsSabirun says:

    If I cant find this. I will make an fpga of this. Just got to find docs/schematics. Which seems to be harder to find. Than the actual card 😡

  5. Just imagine how cool you would have been to own this back when it just came out!

  6. The irony is they used to make these crazy cards with all sorts of custom hardware but now that consoles are basically PCs you can't buy a "PS4 lockout" type card that let me leverage your pc hardware to play PS4 games.

  7. Obviously everything I'm about to say is pure conjecture, *but* to ME this was really intended to spur licensing. Imagine if an OEM had licensed the tech and built it into the motherboard specifically to increase the game library for their particular PC. Obviously to be a selling point, the 3DO library would have to be encouraging, but I think that was one of the biggest weaknesses of Panasonic's idea. If they had gone the route of JVC and the VCR, especially if Panasonic had gone further and paid for ports of popular games, improved to take advantage of the admittedly powerful hardware at the time, they could have created a "standard console" much in the same way IBM created the "IBM PC", etc.

  8. WizardSoon says:

    I am from Singapore and seeing Creative Labs from their former glory and seeing this card PCB "MADE IN SINGAPORE" really makes me happy.

    Thank you LGR. Great content as always!

  9. "The combination of insanity going on here it's just glorious"

  10. Lucien's Quest is actually a pretty awesome Jrpg style game. Played it back in the day when I had a 3d0!

  11. I legit clapped when you put on Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties, lol

  12. Tom Farmer says:

    Damn, I want one

  13. What was the reason Doom runs in a window in the 3DO?

  14. dacypher22 says:

    I remember in 1994 I wanted a 3DO so badly but knew I could never afford it. One day when I was flipping through the latest issue of EGM, I saw an ad for this thing and my heart skipped a beat. It of course did not list the price and my imagination immediately started thinking "Well, I have the computer. How much could this card cost? $100?" I called the toll-free number listed for more information and was immediately crushed when I heard the price. Even at that age (12) I started questioning why the card was so expensive and what gap in the market it was really trying to fill when I could get the console itself at that time for that price.

  15. They actually sold a version of Doom that plays in a stamp-sized window? That's ballsy, guys

  16. How much brains are even in a console, anyway? Console manufacturers could have made cards like this all along if they just refined how they worked to be more convenient. The PC vs console gamer strife need never have happened, only because of the laziness and greed of Sony and Microsoft.

  17. EyeOfOdin says:

    You're so giddy in this video over that retro tech. Love it lol.

  18. KB0OTY says:

    I love Road Rash.

  19. Why is the 3do version of Doom in a smaller window than the Sega 32x version? Shouldn't the 3do be more powerful than the 32x?

  20. Austino says:

    Thats one badass looking card!