Top 5 Minecraft Mods Of The Week – Enhanced Mushrooms, Bound Totems, Get Out Of My Boat, And More!

May 26, 2020 by 37 Comments

We have 5 unbelievable mods this week to help you build, bind, blow and boat. If you like this video check out these other great Mods of the week videos.

This week includes Enhanced Mushrooms, Bound Totems, Additional Lights, Fans Mod, and Get Out Of My Boat.

Links to all the mods are below.

0:00 Intro
0:21 Enhanced Mushrooms
1:50 Bound Totems
4:08 Additional Lights
5:23 Fans Mod
6:52 Get Out of My Boat
9:10 Outro

Enhanced Mushrooms:

Bound Totems:

Additional Lights:

Fans Mod:

Get Out Of My Boat:

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37 Replies to “Top 5 Minecraft Mods Of The Week – Enhanced Mushrooms, Bound Totems, Get Out Of My Boat, And More!”

  1. when you say the glowshroom planks are transparent, that's not correct, the term is actually transLUCENT.
    not trying to act all high and mighty, just trying to point out misuse of a word 🙂

  2. 7:29 give them plastic straw

  3. Ryder Zeroz says:

    On the showcase of the Enhanced Mushrooms there are Giant Red and Brown mushrooms, It's so cool who build it?

  4. Grant Murray says:

    Enhanced mushrooms was ahead of its time

  5. Garson says:

    4:10 w o o l a n d f i r e

  6. Nice enchanted mooshrooms look have Quark Support

  7. Donkey GET OUT OF MY BOAT

  8. Jeesus, does this guy get more and more child friendly with every second passing or is it just me.

  9. Every time I watch these videos I want the mods so desperately

  10. Dude that villager dude needs to be a recurring character

  11. Ngl but the bound totem mod us rlly creepy

  12. thanks,you are so cool and funny

  13. boy221958 says:

    The Fans Mod Was By Fans Of Fans

  14. budajacker says:

    Your top mods make me want to eat my elbow. Which is a good thing

  15. Kirby Kirb says:

    I wish the pig DIEAD

  16. big boy says:

    V E R T I C A L S L A B S

  17. Craftable fire? Great! Now we can craft chain mail armor

  18. Basic Egg says:

    the giant brown mushrooms is a little disgusting for me

  19. TacoStache12 says:

    What mod is that vertical planks?

  20. (7:09 to 7:31) oh no…….. Bloodynecks losing his sanity

  21. eran shani says:

    6:58 never happened to me. ever.

  22. bound totems: ''every living entity''

    me:where is my dog?

  23. Słoniu Pl says:

    Pou soundtrack

  24. CoolRanch says:

    your a really good mod salesman

  25. the get out of my boat part was too cringy

  26. 4:03 I feel so bad for kyle 🙁

  27. SAN 10 says:

    Why are you acting surprised that the mod is free I'm pretty sure that it's illegal for a mod to cost money

  28. At first i thought ur name was booty neck and i was confused why you would name your self that

  29. I agree with this video

  30. Ohli Crouch says:

    Boodly*: *showcasing ritual knife
    the music*: cheerful

  31. i love your vidios

  32. I laughed unreasonably hard at the “get out of my boat” infomercial

  33. Cronavirus 2 says:

    Can someone explain what forge mods are? Im new to the modding community so I thought it would be good for me to figure it out