10 Awesome Minecraft Village Enhancing Mods

June 24, 2020 by 37 Comments

Vanilla Minecraft villages are decent, especially after 1.14, but they can certainly be improved! Here are 10 Minecraft mods that will do exactly that, enjoy!

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Millénaire (1.12.2) –

Repurposed Structures –

Minecraft Comes Alive (1.12.2) –

Village Names (1.12.2) –

Recurrent Complex (1.12.2) –

Bountiful –

Guard Villagers –

Villager Market (1.12.2) –

Dynamic Surroundings –

TekTopia (1.12.2) –


Minecraft Forge –


Roa – Calm Water –


37 Replies to “10 Awesome Minecraft Village Enhancing Mods”

  1. Big Bruh says:

    Modded medieval Bedrock server: https://discord.gg/UYzmQzm

  2. deepdragon2 says:

    village guards is there a 1.16.2 version???

  3. Thus guy needs more subscribers

  4. Tarnia Book says:

    I love comes alive! Like, having a spouse is great, because you no longer feel alone at home. And, even if you don´t get married, it´s always nice to go to a village just to talk to someone. I remember having a best friend in one of my survival worlds, and I took him everywhere with me.

  5. Dr. Walter says:

    It would be nice to see villager and illager soldiers with musket


  7. chair chior says:

    100 baby challenge time

  8. grabe kayo says:

    I like the villager fight pillagers in the background

  9. Naria Lexuz says:

    How do you get the last mod ?

  10. Nikkolai says:

    Millenaire doesn't replace normal minecraft villages, it just spawns them along side them. You have the still manually disable village spawning in the customization settings for world creation if you don't want them.

  11. I respect that you got straight to the point on every entry and didn't drag out the video

  12. Can u find some for bedrock please

  13. Wilson says:

    2:39 Holy christ I once played in that exact Village!

  14. Just clicked on this video and the first thing i see is a war

  15. Grey Kobra says:

    No one:

    News Reporters in Iraq: 00:00

  16. Cannon kids says:

    2:06 you know iron golems exist

  17. 0:26 anyone gonna mind the burrowed cows

  18. gagle magle says:

    tek topia was make by a youtuber

  19. New tudeR says:

    bro please get them for 1.16

  20. Joan Ukeme says:

    None of curse forges mod works on my phone

  21. I really wish someone would make a new and improved spiritual successor to Minecraft Come Alive

    I really like the idea of being able to interact with characters within the world, and the only other mod that seems to do that turns mobs into half naked anime girls lmao.

    Would be nice to not only have improved villagers, but also more detailed interactions with NPCs

  22. Lazar Markov says:

    can we mix these mods?

  23. I very much appreciate your consistent placement of mod links to the curseforge page they occupy.
    It makes my life easier.
    Thank you. ♥

  24. evil twinz says:

    minecraft comes alive

  25. Villagers: having a war
    AHS hey guys welcome to another video!

  26. OofM4n says:

    Does tek topia work in 1.16

  27. CitrixLP says:

    Millenaire Mod for Minecraft 1.16.3 available?

  28. On est là la France Millénaire 🇫🇷

  29. ZZR03 says:

    Millénaire mod erases pets and mounts, dont get them if you have pet mods

  30. NoReasonWhy says:

    Millénaire or TekTopia? or will both work at the same time?

  31. B T says:

    Will Minecraft Comes Alive work for 1.16.3?

  32. Craxz says:

    On which version work these mods?

  33. Pickleism says:

    0:00 Tiananmen Square be like: