Building the Checkmate Amiga 1200 Plus Computer

June 26, 2020 by 26 Comments

I’ve wanted to restore my Commodore Amiga 1200 for years now and this Checkmate A1500 Plus case is a great excuse to do that! The case is designed to house all sorts of computer systems, but in this video I’m building an A1200, complete with several upgrades for games using WHDLoad.

Thanks to Stephen Jones of iMica Ltd for supplying the Checkmate case for review!

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26 Replies to “Building the Checkmate Amiga 1200 Plus Computer”

  1. Thanks for putting together such a great video about my little case project. I loved the "Self Proclaimed" comment and have to admit when I aproved the design from Paul it did not click with me, very funny though. I will look into adding some tips based on the video for the manual. For the people out there, I slide the case over the edge of desk to remove the tray screws and when you push the tray back into the corner it locates the screws. On the Blizzard 1230 mk4, mine fits but has to be connected to motherboard first then the whole lot screwed in.
    Thanks again Clint.
    PS I will comment on the lid, this was a dificult design decision. The reason is I wanted the lid to fold round the case so you did not see a cut edge. Add to this the rear panels fixing method meant a simple slide on lid was impossible if it was to be aesthetically pleasing. Once you know how to slide on and off it is liveable, but the cut edge would not have been.

  2. OH its made from homeland! Huh I didnt know that

  3. Can you get one for the Amiga 2000hd? Oh wait, that case is perfection itself. No need to fix what isn't broken. LOL

  4. OdinSon says:

    I thought Sinclair was amazing as I was in trance when I walked home
    from the friend whom indrduced to me to after school 1985. Then just
    two-three years after I saw Amiga 500 and I was hypnotized. Year later I
    got mine. …Still dont understand why I sold it and went for NES. Left
    alone I did not relised it how bad that choose was until I was in my
    30s lol 😀

  5. Very interested in getting one of those gamepad converters. Anyone know where to get a good one?

  6. FrankenStars says:

    Nice intro, brugh

  7. What I usually do with dirty stuff just dump it in alcohol then let it evaporate from the components. Of course with mechanical components… Make sure to apply new oil where needed. Fixes everyting!👍

  8. I like your new intro

  9. at the moment i'm using AmiKit OS it runs whdload built into the os mounts .iso .adf and has a very cutomizable UI decompresses .lha and most common amiga compression formats.

  10. MarkNF82 says:

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but wondering if anyone knows a company or someone that will make custom retro computer cases, or at least just the front faces based on a pre-built case.

  11. oh says:

    You had me at Amiga

  12. o1230sponge says:

    What type of socket is it that slides over the chip at 21:00?
    Edit: I figured it out, it is a PLCC Socket

  13. SURE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like 3D printed shit

  14. Some Potato says:

    Damn, I wish there was an ATX and AT version of this. All these old PCs take up space. And be able to move my DOS/9x/XP machines into small housing would be great!

  15. DragonNexus says:

    The price for this really surprised me, for sure. I expected £250+
    The price they've quoted is incredibly reasonable when you factor in what you're getting and the circumstances of production.

    LGR always surprises me. Even when I see a video and I think "Eeehhh, I dunno…I don't know much about the subject and I don't know if I'll get anything out of this." I end up clicking and thoroughly enjoying the ride due to the editing, the story-telling style script and just the general LGR vibe.

  16. Toxicvortex8 says:

    you know a lot of these companies give out their units to youtubers and advertisers to get some publicity and thats it, when what they used to do back then is hand them out for review so they could learn on it, lets hope this is one of those companies. personally, someone who has worked on enough non monetized projects, i would have handed them out to well-known people, aswell as a few pieces of paper and a pen. because honestly, clint and im sure tons of other people know what they are doing. and a few notes, spread across say 200 people would change whatever unit alot, say 3 notes per person thats 600 notes, some duplicates whatever, thats what they need to change.

    have them clear the units of their personal hardware (even though stuff may be fried or broken. id at least compensate them 50-65% of what its worth), send them back for recycling or to just modify.

    trust is no longer a thing in industy of any sort, and thats where I feel alot of these companies, fail, so what if 5/200 people steal the unit, so what, thats not that much unless you are JUST starting off. apologies to anyone that has a hard time following, i have been drinking.

  17. ianhzabner says:

    "I had to kind of awkwardly hold it in place while screwing"

    14:20 seriously phrasing.

  18. is interface card same as graphic card

  19. Very nice case. I really like the A3000 Design.I found it only by random. Best wishes for your project.

  20. Cal Alaera says:

    9:23 Is it just me, or is the Software Failure message way more intimidating than it ever needed to be?

  21. Antti Mäki says:

    AAAH! Amiga memories! Guru meditation! Changing the bloody OS-Chip thing every other time you wanted to play some game! Decline of floppy disk quality! AARGH! Oh well, the games were great.

  22. Lolli pop says:

    Madoka Magika? Wut?

  23. rambobunny1 says:

    is modern young man dressing up as old man

  24. 22:01 good choice of game 🙂

  25. Little Jenny says:

    It's so beige. Hehehe…