28 Replies to “Casually Explained: Working From Home”

  1. 2:06 you only loose 20 mmr with the dark shrine if you haven't started with cannon rush. Cannon rush -> dt -> carriers. This is the [toss] way!

  2. Sierra Mason says:

    The UK has South Park and Rick & Morty??!! WTF 🤬🤬😱

  3. DragonCat126 says:

    Bruh I love the PvT build on his desk, I don’t open dts but it makes me happy to see he had that there for his Starcraft fans

  4. Daniel Sgro says:

    "If there is anything 2020 has taught us, its that the best way to get over a small problem is to have a bigger problem"

  5. Simon Wyzik says:

    I think this ends with people becoming a race of hyper intelligent lizards

  6. its been 5 months and i still do not know who the video is sponsored by

  7. Efraim says:

    Employer: expecting similar employee productivity in a wfh setup

    Not me: a little youtube won't hurt

  8. A says:

    The protest Photo could be from Poland

  9. Hair Harbor says:

    He's forgetting all the porn and day drinking….

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  11. Ben Noble says:

    I saw that “new 4K video camera” joke coming from a mile away

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  13. James H. says:

    Is this the same dude as 4 years ago?

  14. it took me a while to get the streaming joke

  15. Adam Kaufman says:

    Can't have a third wave if the first two don't – oh, what's that? There are more daily cases than during the first two "waves" combined? Oh. Fantastic.

  16. Marie Dolan says:

    1:13 Yea i learnt to make money with

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  17. Otohoto says:

    definitely go and watch rick and morty, it's rare to find a series that is at the same time smart and funny, plus there is some very good (again, smart) drama elements to have you care about the characters, the "main" character (rick) show a very interesting character creation process, as in you're bound to like him for his manners and weirdness, but at the same time you can't completely forget that he's an absolute bastard;
    but that's when it become interesting, because of what Rick is, what he became, all of those characters traits make sense in a way, someone in his situation could very likely become like this, as a survival strategy

    go watch it you won't regret it, this series is weird, but super awesome

  18. Coach Donald says:

    Lower, The Bar

    The more of these videos I watch, the more I pause to read the words bc this shits hilarious

  19. pspace says:

    Jessica wasn't on Twitch…

    She was on YouTube Gaming.

  20. 1:43 it just means she's streaming with Youtube Live or Mixer i guess

  21. Can’t have a second wave if the first one never ended

  22. While were discussing cv can we talk about Prince Edward island.? Or how about nigeria.? Nigeria rioted hardcore over "lockdowns" and cv packed its shit and left town. There is no more cv19 in nigeria. To dangerous.

  23. Stein says:

    Maybe she streams on different sites?