CompTIA’s PenTest+ vs CEH: Learn the Difference and Which is Best for You

June 23, 2020 by 8 Comments

Explore the differences of CompTIA PenTest+ and CEH certifications from CompTIA insiders Patrick Lane, Jessica Kottmeyer and Kelly Stone. Find out which is the best fit for your career objectives today:

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8 Replies to “CompTIA’s PenTest+ vs CEH: Learn the Difference and Which is Best for You”

  1. Watching from Sierra Leone west Africa

  2. Perin78 says:

    Watching from Cali (quarantined for work) live in Hawaii

  3. Was studying for ceh but now maybe I'll change to pen test

  4. Perin78 says:

    I did have another question any recommendations on how to find a mentor in cybersecurity?

  5. RobHTP says:

    Watching from Southern California at 12:50am while working graveyard. Definitely need a new career move

  6. Hi, whats the requirement to be a CompTIA pentest+ certified ?

  7. daekin moud says:

    Hopefully, after I become Certified in the core three(A+, Sec+, and Net), I look forward to studying to obtain The Pen+ Cert!😁

  8. Hi ,I'm Saqib from India , I wanted to ask as to what should I choose after ceh , I have some good experience in penetration testing (beginner in penetration testing ) , just wanted to know which course will be more suitable for me