Exploring the IBM NetVista M41 Windows 98 PC

June 19, 2020 by 42 Comments

Back in April, RetroManCave held a charity auction for these IBM NetVista PCs he’d restored. Wanting to support the cause, I bid on one of them — and won! So let’s check out the IBM NetVista Type 6792 from 2001, running a 1.6GHz Pentium 4 CPU and 16MB Nvidia Vanta graphics.

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42 Replies to “Exploring the IBM NetVista M41 Windows 98 PC”

  1. ericmdk says:

    Admirable charitable donation sir. Great stuff. This has helped me get my GL300L going with ibm support drivers! It's also running 98se from an ide – sd card adapter I purchased after watching other videos of yours. Thanks for this video and your channel.

  2. John Smith says:

    I'd definitely contact the seller and get him to have a word with whomever he paid to ship that!

  3. Sean Barrett says:

    Thank you for your donation to such a good cause.

  4. Sean Barrett says:

    That sound chip is farts

  5. Manjushri says:

    Can anyone over in UK explain how the NHS accepts charity? It's tax-funded… I mean, I get charity for patients recovering in some way or something adjacent, but donations directly to the NHS or a hospital or something? That just seems… Weird, somehow.

  6. Need for Speed unleashed was the game that i got with my first computer and this was the game that bring me love to cars i run it on a AMD Athlon with 800mhz with 256mb Ram with 80GB HDD and Geforce 2mx with 64mb vram =P

  7. windows 95 was the computer my aunts had in their room. I would sneak in everyday to learn from it.

  8. Put 3dfx banshee in it 🙂

  9. Just a little pro-tip:
    You better make copys of your original discs of games and use them in your drives. You never know if you someday get a drive that has some mechanical issues which could spin up the disc but then lose contact to it and the disk will fly around in the drive and shatter into pieces. I saw exactly this happening in a drive a friend from the past had. But he used a burned disc inside, so it was no big problem. Do not just risk it to lose original discs. They age over time and become less flexible plus the rapid spin inside the faster drives, puts lots of physical force on them. There is software you can find online, that does exact 1:1 copys including the copyprotection. I had such software back in the past and know about it. It made perfect images. This way you can replicate the discs and use burned backups for gaming or testing purposes. This way you save your originals and they stay protected in your collection. 🙂

    "CloneCD" and "Alcohol 120%" should both help you out for good 🙂

  10. Astreim says:

    had one of these p3 1ghz, loaded some things faster than my friends p4s, it blew their minds. no AGP though, but I bought a fx5200 pci long ago. that gpu went celeron 2.4ghz -Z celeron 333mhz -> pentium 3 1ghz -> pentium HT 2.8ghz

  11. Windows 7 says:


  12. RobR386 says:

    Turn it into a sleeper pc 😀

  13. copymizer says:

    When i went to high school in earl 2000's this was THE stock computer in the computer science room and every class, it was able to pla Liero perfectly. I think it could play Runescape 1 and Runescape 2 as well when we were geeking it in the library

  14. Andre Doe says:

    man that was the first time in my life i have seen dos restart…

  15. I would have thought Windows ME or 2000 be more 'age-appropriate' for this machine…

  16. Spaztron64 says:

    7:20 that was the preboot execution environment, commonly used for network booting and/or installation.

  17. A computer that has “vista” in its name that doesn’t run vista… PARADOX

  18. Did you game Diablo on windows 98?

  19. it's so fun seeing him use Planet X3 to use for game demonstrations of the computers

  20. Here is something that Drauga1 would love… an freaking SSD

  21. SimmerJonny says:

    Wiltshire? That's where I am! WOO!

  22. Good old ebay global shipping Center, it still likes to destroy the boxes

  23. we used to use that pxe boot to boot from a laptop to multiple reconditioned computers, looks like this computer had windows mass installed at the same time as a lot of others.

  24. @26:50 … That brings back memories

  25. Zack Terry says:

    i love windows 98

  26. G N says:

    That is not a double walled box designed for shipping…

  27. That box looking like that is from the gate of the global shipping program. They absolutely massacre those boxes

  28. that netvista needs to be a sleeper pc for it's time.

  29. João Veludo says:

    WHAAAT? LGR doesn't know about PXE booting?

  30. Zack Terry says:


  31. J Fox says:

    PXE is for booting off a network using a boot server useful for thin clients i do believe

  32. They had these in my high school every single one had a motherboard failure

  33. rekNa says:

    I remember having a PC exactly like this as a kid!

    Played so much Half-Life, Counter-Strike and Doom on it, Thank you so much for reminding me of that part of my childhood!

  34. L g r doing great work

  35. ayhan esmer says:


  36. 7:07 the fan on the motherboard sounded like capcom cps2 a board Fan

  37. we dont need quickview, thats stupid