Identify Antivirus Software Installed on a Target’s Windows PC [Tutorial]

June 19, 2020 by 33 Comments

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How to Find Installed AV Software on a Windows PC from Wi-Fi Traffic
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 168

Once you have access to a network, knowing what antivirus and firewall software is installed on a Windows computer is crucial. Today, in this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’ll use deep packet inspection to easily discover what, if any, antivirus software is being used on the system. This video guide is based off of tokyoneon’s written guide on Null Byte’s site. You can follow him at

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33 Replies to “Identify Antivirus Software Installed on a Target’s Windows PC [Tutorial]”

  1. keep it up with the good content, just make sure to check each frame of the video before uploading it. Some parts reveal things that we were not supposed to see and there are parts of the actual tutorial that are blurry.

  2. Storin t'Kel says:

    For the sake of videos like this you could have faked a WiFi AP, change Mac addresses and that way you wouldn't have to blur so much data..

    Sorry, but this to me was one of the lesser developed videos.

  3. I just see Blury command not like the guy in the past, BTW where did he go? I didn't see video on this Channel for a long time then the Mentor is change

  4. Can I ask a question please? Which is better Parrot OS or Kali Linux?

  5. Bluring to much out

  6. Matt Rania says:

    Wigle my dudes. Wigle. Y'all did an episode on it. 2:44 is cool and all but 4:20 pretty much takes the cake.

  7. your website is damn slow. it takes decade to load only text of broaken formating. sonetimes it fails saying timeout. please upgrade your host server

  8. V V Agarwal says:

    Good Learning, Thanks.

  9. DH Dark says:

    Nice trick thanks

  10. Everton Erik says:

    Guys be careful with MAC / BSSID / ESSID around you. With a simple research on MAC / BSSID Databases someone could discover your location and some exploits over your hardware.

  11. at 1:38 the blured part become visible

  12. lolbot says:

    wtf is this 90% is blurred foh

  13. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  14. Axel Mendoza says:

    Looking for a real hacker to help target and get back at a scammer who scammed me out of 550 on cashapp

  15. Jc López says:

    Much love guys!

  16. The links to the website doesn’t work for me..

  17. Mymemo_0 says:

    lol i don't know why you guys do hide ur bssid id and ur nearby bssid ids… none can do anything to them unless they are in range like wtf why u need to hide it ?

  18. Red ship says:

    Suspended I'd you recover

  19. Post a video for hacking whatsapp by using Linux

    And your words are not clear.

    I am not able to understand how the f*ck the second terminal actually looked like

  21. Stevee 29 says:

    I found a reflected xss in a website, what can i do? Can i use cookies to steal login credentials or is it for other types of xss?

  22. II-_OmeR_-II says:

    YouTube: Deletes Null byte's Videos
    null byte: Hacks YouTube

  23. do u know what u can make some app on android that block sides cose on my android pop up mesages from porn sides and ist hell when my mom se that she will think I look porn … pure hell …

  24. GDS TUBE says:

    hai handsome love you friend

  25. kill bill says:

    Blurry chaos

  26. How's the background muzic called?

  27. did you just shown your bssid and ssid by mistake, and then blur it?

  28. wrtl8 says:

    How to make a all bypass anti virus I made a PowerShell script that steals all cookies

  29. /inject0r says:

    Hi! Which Linux distribution is this on video???

  30. ayush shaw says:

    The reason I disliked the tutorial is due to its blurred video

  31. if someone read this ! please i need your help! back from month ago until today ! i get some weird website pop-up everytime i turn on my computer! it's called :" window update service : how to using auto cad ….bala bla… i don't install that app and i want to turn it off but don't know how ! i'm using firefox browser and it pop up everytime i turn on and that's annoying ! please help !