Minecraft UHC but a player is ELIMINATED every MINUTE if they have the FEWEST apples…

June 8, 2020 by 50 Comments

Tapple Apples
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50 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but a player is ELIMINATED every MINUTE if they have the FEWEST apples…”

  1. -u- says:

    The minecraft doctor is DEAD

  2. Konor 22 says:

    An apple a day keeps the Doctor away 😉

  3. bella a says:

    Minecraft UHC but a player is ELIMINATED if they have the LEAST…. golden swords..

  4. Miquel says:

    UHC but everyone has one revival?

  5. Monet says:

    can someone please tell me what the picture in the corner is for? i know he explained it once, but i'm deaf and captions weren't up for the video, thanks lmao

  6. NecooMonsoon says:

    You need to do this with a much harder to get item. Link UHC: Enchantment Table addition.

  7. mikey modiri says:

    Apples am I right chat?

  8. mikey modiri says:

    TapL: I only got 6 hours of sleep
    Half the comments: rookie numbers I only get 4 every night.
    Me: I just pulled all 2 nighters because I’m taking summer college classes so I have 16 weeks of material condensed into 6 weeks and don’t have time to sleep.
    Gamers:who needs sleep when you can just play video games.

  9. "6 hours"

    bro I slept 4 🙁

  10. Joshua Cole says:

    Space invaders where bedrock gets a block lower every minute.

  11. God that cookie pie on the top left looks good.

  12. DustyDeer says:

    Can you out items in your crafting inventory and have that work??? im genuinely curious.

  13. Venombot says:

    Minecraft UHC, but you have to craft and use up 3 diamond hoes before meet up or you die

  14. Rainy Syber says:

    These videos are getting worse and worse… but it’s keeping me from Boredom

  15. "6 hours of sleep"

    you guys are getting sleep…

  16. Ahmad says:

    Is that a scoop of ice cream on a cookie dough on a frying pan

    Or a scoop of ice cream on a giant cookie on a frying pan

  17. Brodstar m says:

    Hey TapL can u please do a Minecraft UHC but a player is Eliminated every Minute if they have the Fewest TNT

  18. Seth Stewart says:

    player is eliminated every time they have the most gapples??

  19. Farhan Jamel says:

    An apple a day keep death coming,get more apple not just one

  20. Ever since TapL started making these custom uhc video he completely changed but I guess thats whats better for youtube even tho its not thats entertaining

  21. Apples amirite chat?

  22. Lmarsden says:

    Every 5 minutes the player with the least kills gets oofed

  23. SuperProfi says:

    Minecraft Sneaky UHC
    The person who has the lowest sneaked distance dies

  24. Chun Sing Ma says:

    Minecraft UHC but you cant leave water

  25. Uhc idea ever minute the person with the least amount of water buckets gets eliminated

  26. HollE says:

    UHC but nobody can jump

  27. tapL be like: i dont need sleep, i need apples

  28. can you stopshowing your avatar every time?

  29. “idk how people live with 6 hours of sleep”
    me living on 2 hours of sleep in the past week: yea.. haha i wonder..thats just crazy😳✋

  30. Netherium says:

    Commenting every day until TapL wins a UHC

    DAY 9

  31. Least amount of lava buckets?

  32. 6 hours is lucky I get 4 on my best days

  33. Ershler says:

    This…but with Gapples. It's risky business to eat to regen health hehe

  34. Avar Nyx says:

    Crafting Table UHC

  35. whoever has the least amount of something dies as well as whoever has the most amount of that same thing dies

  36. Cas Bremer says:

    Every minute if you are not in a minecart YOU die

  37. blox says:

    what is a TapL?

  38. Orange Juice says:

    TapL: how do people live with 6 hours of sleep

    Me: I don’t ;-;

  39. Sallanta says:

    I can go on three though…

    on a good day.

  40. Tomik 480 says:

    Uhc idea: sticky armor
    Uhc idea: if you have fewest lapis, you eliminated

  41. minecraft UHC but the person who has the fewast amount of trees planted
    dies every minute


  42. wind _yeet says:

    Doctors havent been so scared….

  43. JOHN Hamlton says:

    UHC tap godapples

  44. Rekha Yati says:

    TapL : i got only 6 hours of sleep
    Meanwhile me getting 3 hours of sleep everyday : InTerEsTing

  45. WG says:

    You sead ow hess on 20% my iPhone 20% left.

  46. WG says:

    I have one every one has a team only the leader can respawn if theres one other teammate you kan fight for the lead and nobudy dies from another teammate if a teammate kills the leader the leader respawns as a teamate the teammate that killt you is than the new leader.

  47. Terry Argent says:

    You got 6 hours of sleep!?!?! I normally get two hours of sleep!!!!

  48. Dude… UHC but your health is linked to the number of apples you have. Golden apples and gheads do not count >:D decisions, decisions!