Minecraft UHC but a player is ELIMINATED every MINUTE if they have the FEWEST diamonds…

June 14, 2020 by 38 Comments

Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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38 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but a player is ELIMINATED every MINUTE if they have the FEWEST diamonds…”

  1. Jane Wood says:

    Do you play roblox aswell

  2. Purple crew says:

    Most likely diamonds are the most ra-
    Ding ding ding
    Ding ding ding is my notification voice

  3. Why didn’t he go into the sand temple

  4. 2K_XL says:

    You should do a random one for they don’t know what block to collect or where to go

  5. :D says:

    Do this, but with netherite

  6. UHC idea: Whoever has the most coal die. (Is stupid)

  7. That face cam is fire 🔥

  8. have u ever show ur face I don’t know because I just started watching your videos 🥲

  9. When i see vid in recomendation AHHHH 7 MINS AGO AHHHHHH

  10. Chadzilla says:

    This man really said we need to get diamonds A$AP rocky

  11. Its Snip says:

    How didnt the diamonds burn when you mined them in lava?

  12. RmationYT says:

    On the thumbnail he has 576 diamonds not 1000 and before you say that some cannot be visible in the hot bar, the closest thing we have to a 1000 is 1024 and 960 so he can’t have exactly 1000, but this only is if he doesn’t have a half stack as well, it could be possible with half stacks, but other than that it’s impossible

  13. Mariah Fencl says:

    UHC idea: war ship battle but you only have 5 hearts

  14. nxckxazz says:

    What kind of minecraft is this?? (im srry if im saying it in a rude way, i dont really know much about "minecraft")

  15. ImZarii says:

    Tapl: I need the enderpearls

    Tapl: *sigh* u don’t unde-

    Me: IDC

    I wouldn’t kill the ENDERMEN foreal
    But I’m not mean that’s just a BASIC story don’t worry I wouldn’t say dat to him but I WOULDNT KILL DAT ENDERMEN
    Edit: hope u like it

  16. Daybot says:

    How does he have it so the trees are one hit to knock it down is it a mod or is it a command

  17. Jime Peña says:

    i actually had my flute in my desk so…

  18. i'mshy says:

    UHC idea: when ever you take damage a random mob spawns near you 😀

  19. Shamim Ahmed says:

    9:32 I'm jealous bcoz I bought a new bow (irl) and it is coming on the 16 feb

  20. Hudson Peer says:

    Uhc idea lucky 🍀 block race

  21. FlowDARECLAY says:

    Do this but with emeralds

  22. Simon Barton says:

    That's an odd-looking resource pack.

  23. Shadow Gamer says:

    TapL had around 50 more diamonds than second place! He was cruising

  24. What’s ur resource pack bro

  25. You craft enchanted things? Cheater!

  26. Rania Ellahi says:

    Once i clicked the vid then the first thing i saw was a TAPL SUN

  27. MEZO YTG says:

    14:46 He dropped a DAIMOND SOWRD SHARPNESS 2

  28. saba nats says:

    i did get snacks

  29. minecraft uhc but u can't kill without beeing trapping

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  31. Idea: everytime someone dies one item from your inventory disaper. PLS

  32. I like how the sun is you and vid idea:all blocks are TapLs head and all animals are TapL.

  33. john lavvas says:

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  34. Didn’t have winner music picked rip

  35. Amanda Pope says:

    Just a side note: this video is fun to watch in 1.5x speed