Minecraft UHC but a player is ELIMINATED every MINUTE if they have the MOST items…

June 10, 2020 by 23 Comments

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23 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but a player is ELIMINATED every MINUTE if they have the MOST items…”

  1. Taniee says:

    Texture pack??? Please

  2. Shogus 00 says:

    I was glad that you killed that troll, I hate when those kinds of players ruin the game for you

  3. SieBen says:

    2:17 the mad lad died with a full inventory wtf

  4. 1:10 you steal the tree…
    You BECOME the tree!

  5. Seva says:

    click the items
    to the beat

  6. Uhc idea: person with the most hunger bars dies, or person with the most food (Including gapples)

  7. Mahin __ says:

    Every time you eat an apple you heal to full but also lose half a heart permanently

  8. Who hast the least amount of items dies

  9. Myles White says:

    My favourite part of every video since twitch streams as videos is at the beginning everyone saying ”HI YOUTUBE!!”

  10. Zach Knepper says:

    The person with the least furnaces dies.

  11. Sunrise says:

    what is that texture pack its so cool

  12. I was eating potato chips and drinking juice when you said drink some potato juice xD

  13. Spark says:

    UHC but the item you have most of disappears

  14. Stale Paint says:

    UHC scenario: person with the least amount of torches get eliminated every minute

  15. Pencil says:

    So you basically have to be the poorest player to win

  16. SOLD 100 says:

    U should of chucked some items at other players to make them lose

  17. My Phone says:

    I'm not even subscribe but it nothifies me

  18. Thumbnail doesn't make sense

  19. Sorry to say it but you messed up the thumbnail. It says "only" even though it is about having the least

  20. candle says:

    People with shulker boxes: op