Minecraft UHC but a player is ELIMINATED every MINUTE if they’re FARTHEST from the CENTER…

June 6, 2020 by 34 Comments

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34 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but a player is ELIMINATED every MINUTE if they’re FARTHEST from the CENTER…”

  1. B Sheck says:

    The pythagorean theorem would be more accurate to calculate the number of blocs away

  2. B Sheck says:

    TapL: How many types of wood does this mineshaft have?
    The Mineshaft: Yes

  3. abbey Hessey says:

    UHC idea who ever has the least amount of pets dies (cats, dogs, parotts)

  4. Sera Sultan says:

    Tapl instead of throwing away the coal how about turn them into blocks so u dont waist them

  5. Mazen Saleem says:

    Person with the least leather will be eliminated

  6. Minecraft UHC but if you hold something in your hot bar for more than 5 seconds you drop it

  7. Lil Thing says:

    What’s 799/850?

  8. Caleb H says:

    Yo emerald always targets you and stream snipes, I have noticed him following you almost every single game…

  9. Piece of the Pie UHC: You start the game off with players being randomly (but equally) separated into eight different (and equally-sized) sections of the map. After a certain amount of time (half an hour?), two areas combine together. Then after another half hour, the next two combine. Then after maybe fifteen minutes, the last UHC's are combined.
    I guess you could describe this as an eight-part walls game but everyone inside the wall is trying to kill each other still.
    Debatable whether or not PVP should be enabled instantly or at least earlier than normal.

  10. UHC idea: Every block has a 1/5 chance to be a lucky block

  11. Netherium says:

    Commenting every day until TapL wins a UHC

    DAY 7

  12. The blessed image is froggy chair from animal crossing

  13. UHC Idea: You can only mine random blocks (some blocks you can mine, and some you cannot)

  14. I believe this is how UHC should be

  15. The title is literally the exact opposite of the video idea

  16. Kwtsios Tl says:

    Does anyone know a good server with large uhc battles like this one,without the centre variable?

  17. Uhc idea, sky uhc you start on sky islands with elytras and 15 fireworks and every two minutes an island gets obliterated.

  18. zaccc says:

    shoulda used pythagorean’s theorem

  19. Wong Kids says:

    6:36. Me who has over 20 diamonds by digging straight down to Y=11 and then strip mine. Am I a joke?

  20. Why is there a froggy chair in the corner?

  21. E G G says:

    What dufaq

  22. E G G says:

    Bed wars again pls.

  23. tapl: "were gonna chop some "things".

  24. Helena G says:

    UHC idea: ores is blocks (diamonds is blocks of diamonds)

  25. Zowby says:

    Uh… a^2 +b^2 = c^2

  26. Zowby says:

    Weakest Link UHC: person with the least experience points dies.

  27. Dovamaster says:

    Why did you throw out a sharpness 2 diamond sword?

  28. Wait a second.

    If the numbers are added together, the person at the lowest negative would be the lower number ex. -900, -900 = -1800 but 0,0 = 0.

  29. Bow Sanderz says:

    Pythagorus cries in maths

  30. Azarothpng says:

    I tie should be based on whoever was the furthest from 0,0 during that minute. That would be interesting!

  31. of course i was the second person that died

  32. Take the x and z coordinates, square them both, add them together, then take the square root of the result. Boom there's your distance from 0,0