Minecraft UHC but every 100 BLOCKS you mine, you UPGRADE your Fortune enchantment…

June 16, 2020 by 23 Comments

diamond many yes
Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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23 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but every 100 BLOCKS you mine, you UPGRADE your Fortune enchantment…”

  1. mine craft UHC but its god mode you craft noch apple apple apple use 9 noch appls to make noch apple block

  2. goon alde says:

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Tapl when he takes fall damage: AAAUUĞĞHH

  3. Can someone tell me the name of this textures pack

  4. SpiceBoy Og says:

    Omg I love Appa. Best part of the video

  5. I like Appa at the top right

  6. Jane Calabro says:

    The zonked change consecutively comb because pastry notably fence along a alert swan. chivalrous, taboo can

  7. E says:

    I remember when he hit 1m on youtube

  8. ducky says:

    Why is there abba there

  9. UHC idea: stop texting the other people

  10. Joseph says:

    appa really do be chilling tho. like if u have watch avatar

  11. The picture of Appa in the video OML 😂

  12. yo boy ju says:

    Y did TAPL make 17 crafting tables?

  13. Why is opa in the background eating some hay?

  14. Animalboy YT says:

    Oml 2 mil subs I think I’m 2 mil sub :0 if not I’m the 50 to 2mil sub :0

  15. BroJoe 7 says:

    Fortune 3 is op. I was mining for 2-3 hours and I got a total of a stack and 35 diamonds plus diamond armor, sword, and pickaxe

  16. Sploofa says:

    Does it annoy anyone else that he could have held right click with torches in his offhand and broke them super fast

  17. You should have done glass

  18. austin roach says:

    He should of left the first diamonds and then mined them later after he had a bigger fortune

  19. UHC idea: every time you killa player you get 10 dimands

  20. can u do a uch that everybody fly like flying whit a eyletra pls sorry i use this cool vid