Minecraft UHC but every 25 obsidian you BREAK gives you an extra HEART…

June 27, 2020 by 34 Comments

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34 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but every 25 obsidian you BREAK gives you an extra HEART…”

  1. UHC: You can ONLY Trap

  2. Maybe for a UHC everytime you kill a person you gain a heart?
    (Idk if this has already been done)

  3. XER Carnage says:

    Everyone’s suggesting uhc suggestions but is no one going to talk about rahill which is said like rail literally let pizza rejoin instead of killing him and lost to pizza when he could of easily killed him while waiting I respect that

  4. ItzB3dwars says:


  5. Glyph Master says:

    Do one where whenever you kill someone you regain a heart of health, and if you are at full health you gain a heart (you get an extra heart to keep)

  6. Autobahn says:

    What about: who has the fewest diamond hooks in their inventory dies?

  7. A Jhintleman says:

    Coulda made an eff 5 pick for some real obby grinding lol

  8. Nick K says:

    That math in the intro doesn't add up. "You start with 10 hearts, you break 100 obsidian, now you have 140 hearts."

    Don't you mean 14 hearts?

  9. Dan Gray says:

    Someone said mumbo for mayor

  10. Charlie Yu says:

    Dude, you could have made more diamond picks which have eff 3 so if you anvil 2 of those picks you get eff 4. Then repeat that a few more times to get eff 5

  11. 14:08
    Tapl: I've never feelt so relieved in my life.

    Me: Feelt?!

  12. Daniel says:

    for every block you mine you lose an item

  13. NinjakidBK says:

    3:24 TapL is bad (somebody said to comment that in the chat sorry tapl your the best minecraft person ever it's just that i can't resist)

  14. Tapl can u 1v1 bionic?

  15. Peter Smythe says:

    This is gonna be painful.

  16. Why are you mining for obsidian? Just place the ones you already collected…

  17. I was here bcos of mining bedrocks

  18. Minecraft uhc but everyone is flying in the rain

  19. Minecraft uhc but its in flat world

  20. Minecraft uhc but you can only see nametags

  21. Minecraft uhc but everytime a person hit someone the person got hit increases power x2 every hit

  22. Acerbic28 says:


  23. Can u just break the obsidian then place it back and again break it to get more hearts??????

  24. he should have gotten 2 dia pics and put them in the anvil to make better pic

  25. VDX says:

    Petition to ban Skeppe.

  26. RedCraft says:

    UHC idea: breaking dead bushes give OP items

  27. 1:25 "Punch brown boy dead" -TapL
    (he's racist now lol)

  28. Chippy says:

    Just my opinion, but whoever made it so that gravel spawns underground, frik u

  29. Wojtek says:

    maybe conecting diamond pix in anvil to get higher efficency

  30. UHC IDEA: Every Kill You Get You get a Gapple And 2 Diamonds