Minecraft UHC but every time a player is ELIMINATED, a HEART is PERMANENTLY REMOVED…

June 4, 2020 by 35 Comments

Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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35 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but every time a player is ELIMINATED, a HEART is PERMANENTLY REMOVED…”

  1. 2:46 yes siree
    Siri: how can I help you
    Me:is your name yes siree? Bye Siri 👋

  2. Everyone else: “comments”

    Me: Why is there a pancake on the top left corner of the screen

    Edit: typo

  3. 10000000000k players =…..

    LAG and 10000000000k hearts. The fight will be long.

  4. Maybe use dynamite if they have this much hp

  5. Tri6Oraxus says:

    You should do a UHC were fishing is op. so the only enchant is luck of the sea, and the only way to get diamond or other enchants is from fishing. I think it would be amusing watching people fish in a 5×5 border

  6. F Islam says:

    What kind of person looks in a desert for animals

  7. 2:12 he says someone must've died and it said enferno was slain by tapl

  8. Midori Gregg says:

    There’s exactly two hundred in the beginning

  9. I like how theres just casualy a cookie i The left corner lol

  10. Crys Vargas says:

    uhc’s sound like such a unique and fun game and i would deadass love to do it but also like i fucking s u c k at pvp like hardcore and all the techniques seems way too in depth for me 👁👄👁

  11. A3 says:

    looks delicious

  12. Must’ve been the fortnite reference

  13. Cyan Stick says:

    Umm at 17:29 look at caticone's health

  14. Justin Go says:

    ur hearts are around 120~ in 2:30

  15. Jacky Chen says:

    I love it how in the end he couldn't even say bye

  16. at 2:14 he said if you want to count the hearts and I did and there are 120

  17. What texture pack does he use?

  18. MrFabi says:

    Y r there pancakes in the top right corner lmao

  19. 2:07 the cursed fart 😂

  20. Epic Gaming says:

    2:39 שלום מישראל

  21. Patrick Kube says:

    You should replace all dirt with diamond.

  22. jolteon1209 says:

    I like tapL but I don't like the fact he kills horses and bunny's for leather ;-;

  23. UHC idea: what if everything is flipped? like y256 is the bedrock "floor" and y0 is void. you spawn in caves, with the minecraft starter chest (wood pick, food etc)

  24. My favorite YouTuber

  25. xd Dynamitee says:

    9:42 mans really rod comboed a cow

  26. your really bad like have you ever fucking won one of these

  27. FatMass2000 says:

    When tapl says yessiry: siri comes on

    When i say hey siri: no

  28. Shy to see your face 😅😂🤣

  29. Chris .C says:

    I love the resources pack

  30. Dee Winn says:

    Okayyy, but why the flatbread in the top corner????