Minecraft UHC but every time you take DAMAGE, you drop your ITEMS on the FLOOR…

June 11, 2020 by 33 Comments

Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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33 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but every time you take DAMAGE, you drop your ITEMS on the FLOOR…”

  1. Kyle Pugao says:

    Fill your inventory with stone swords lol

  2. I was able to grab the snack I was suggested this time, woah

  3. Ordian says:

    Its like osu ? Do he say that ?

  4. 112c says:

    I saw my name in the tab. I’m so happy now.

  5. Devin Croft says:

    Tapl Is such an idiot, just kill the mobs

  6. PyroFN says:

    Why is flight at the top of my screen

  7. Thorns would be so annoying to deal with

  8. StickyLegend says:

    Wouldn’t knock back swords be great in this? You make them drop their stuff and they can’t pick it up.

  9. UHC idea: you have to be the closest to the border. After 2 minutes whoever is furthest from the border dies and this repeats every minute until the game ends

  10. Oml ending was super intense

  11. Dans Pals says:

    I think snowballs counted as well

  12. ShadowSear says:

    TapL: says Keep er' goin
    Me: I haven't heard that in a long time….

  13. GH0STFACES says:

    UHC idea: everyone has x ray, but every time you mine or pick up a diamond, you take damage

  14. OversizeAxe says:

    butterfingers UHC: Every time you hit a player or break a block, a random item falls out of your inventory

  15. Jacko says:

    considering how red you are, you would've been dead already
    and the wood tower to the side of you makes it look like you intentionally jumped to take damage

  16. SUPER DREW says:

    Why you not taking damage from fire with out fire resistance

  17. SUPER DREW says:

    UHC:Everytime tabl takes damage everybody has primed tnt spawned on them

  18. This AND every time you open your inventory you get poison/take damage

  19. you gain one level of speed boost for every 250 blocks you travel

  20. 999 kill me says:

    UHC idea and you can’t craft armor

  21. Mace48Gaming says:

    Minecraft uhc but it’s in the nether

  22. iamZiQian says:

    minecraft uhc but who ever had the least e tables die every 5 minutes…………….

  23. Carl Cedrick says:

    Uhc but every item has weight

  24. Stretch says:

    Something is wrong with tapl's intro the vid is in slow mo but how come the picture in the top left isnt in slomo

  25. Bro you got a really rare voice I wish I got that voice

  26. Kcking007 says:

    Curse of binding

  27. BaseCrayon says:

    Say orange e then say rng

  28. Ada virus says:

    skywars snowball vibes is back

  29. TapL rolled in the good butter.