Minecraft UHC but EVERYONE has to share ONE enchantment table…

June 23, 2020 by 50 Comments

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50 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but EVERYONE has to share ONE enchantment table…”

  1. oinky momo says:

    Whoever has the least items each minute gets eliminated

  2. Uhc idea. An actual boat uhc that can go up and down. No drowning and the boat can’t be destroyed

  3. Brad Chelton says:

    Minecraft UHC but a player is ELIMINATED every minute if they have the LEAST cactus…

  4. Joseph Peck says:

    when theres 2 – 3 gold rooms…

  5. Can we get an F in the replies for that one person that said HI YOUTUBE cause nobody paid attention to him

  6. Michael18751 says:

    Blessed UHC. Next do one crafting table

  7. Max Carreon says:

    Uhc idea: You can't see your health?

  8. Yeah! He finally won a UHC!

  9. Panda Monium says:

    This was my first stream and it was epic
    gg TapL

  10. RΞEDITΞD says:

    UHC Idea : Everyone fight on a boat and the world are ocean

  11. Whats the music you use?


  12. U stopped oceans but not ocean monuments lol

  13. Bronze says:

    You mean OUR Enchantment Table?

  14. UHC but meet up is in the nether

  15. Cyalster says:

    UHC Suggestion – OneL vs. 200 UHC

    Basicaly, there is everyone in one team… and Harvey on a team of one… that is why I made the name to be “OneL vs. 200 UHC” the OneL is Harvey. 🙂

  16. hey tapl you cool youtuber i love alls videos you are cool

  17. I love how you find lapis and diamonds at the same time and someone is like:

  18. Do a Nether UHC

  19. Ell says:

    UHC but you can’t mine

  20. Peter Simone says:

    UHC idea: blocks gain sand like gravity after stepping off of them

  21. How you do that when ever you make a tool it automatically enchanted

  22. Pewds: BARRELS
    tapl: GRAVELS

  23. hattie says:

    Someone needs to make a montage of every time TapL has said he hates gravel

  24. ILikeWafflz says:

    Playing 1.14 and later versions makes me realize how clunky maneuvering around in water used to be.

  25. UHC idea: The border is going the direction opposite (from 0 to further blocks)

  26. ACupOfRamen says:

    Suggestion: Border shrinks super quickly as soon as pvp starts
    Also 800k neat!

  27. weeb ù3ú says:

    TapL: wins uhc
    Me: i've just witnessed a celestial event

    Look forward to more winsssss!!!!!

  28. Old vid: appleman Newer..:tapple Now!: TapL

    Edit this is off a vid. Reference to 500 sub special

  29. UHC but you start in the nether ,lol

  30. Wynn playz says:

    Minecraft UHC but You Cam Only open Your Inventory in 0.0

  31. SimplyYT says:

    Minecraft UHC but theres a DRAGON…

  32. Nate Wright says:

    Every 100 hits your sword gains one sharpness

  33. UHC but you hold down bows to shoot guardian lasers instead of arrows and drains durability (aka, Minecraft UHC but bows shoot lasers). Should do equivalent to arrow damage per second.

  34. UHC idea: Lava randomly spawns around the map (Like the gravel rain UHC).

  35. Maddox Momo says:

    UHC idea: in the nether or you are allowed to go to the nether.

  36. David says:

    Make the same thing but with a crafting table

  37. 浪雪兔 says:


  38. Zee Man says:

    UHC idea: UHC but I'm a begger

  39. Skyblock UHC but in 1.16 (Optionally, there is the /attribute command wich allows you to do: /attribute player attack_speed 200 wich brings back 1.8 pvp)

  40. Froztic says:

    Uhc but there’s not crafting table

  41. rafael cen says:

    Craft a button underwater so you won't drown in the monument

  42. -mako- says:

    this turned into a "EVERYONE has to share ONE enchantment table…" uhc to a "FLAT WORLD UHC CHALLENGE"

  43. Minecraft UHC suggestion, Minecraft UHC but you can’t craft anything

  44. markeye says:

    6:04 Who is this guy…

  45. markeye says:

    Can somebody tell me why he doesn’t get hurt in Lava?