Minecraft UHC but GRAVEL falls from the SKY.

June 28, 2020 by 49 Comments

suffo time :/
Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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49 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but GRAVEL falls from the SKY.”

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  2. Hugh Ananias says:

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  3. Jessie gamer says:

    Reads title: Welp, better get the torches/trapdoors/ or any other block that can break gravel

  4. Jessie gamer says:

    im sorry im a very new fan, what does UHC mean?

  5. How does he destroy a whole tree instantly??

  6. Yuqi On VT says:

    If he was smart during this he would have had torches and placed them around him

  7. rangatangXD says:

    THERE LEATHAL AND DEADLY like a chihuahua. – TapL

  8. Not Now says:

    What does UHC stand for

  9. Sean Morgan says:

    For once will he win one?

  10. Emma Mueller says:

    TapL is contributing to my poor health by reminding me to get more snacks from the kitchen XD

  11. BWBeastie says:

    Idea: UHC but if you have max health, you die.

    I thought a funny could be where if you have max health, you die. I thing the game will go by super quick.

  12. Purple man says:

    there's that 1000iq player who places a torch under them when the gravel starts falling.

  13. How is his texture pack called?

  14. Mr. Nanukes says:

    Why does he get enchanted tools as soon as he makes them?

  15. Gheads are gold heads?

  16. The sun is his face did all see that

  17. PanzerPanic says:

    I can actually make this in education mode

  18. jasons_ pub says:

    Boom Boom Boom now we have a broom

  19. 1 AD says:

    TapL always does the same way to beat minecraft like dude try something different.

  20. Chibi Kitty says:

    Idk about you but I have always wanted to break one log on a tree and break the whole tree.

  21. Jerrick Cruz says:

    U should do a uhc we’re lava rises every 2 minutes

  22. chirpingbird says:

    I had to dislike that gravel was nothing like the thumbnail and barely any ravel was around to begin with

  23. Does anyone else get bored of actually playing minecraft and just watch videos instead cause its more entertaining?

  24. 1:47 Three Shears for Sweet Revenge

  25. CharelZZ says:

    I love how "chivalrous" tapL is with the other players, like when he fights he gives others gapples, and when he doesn't want to fight someone cautiously backing up instead of outright sprinting

  26. SK 114 says:

    Gravel is infrequent and In small amounts

  27. Chuah Junhee says:

    4:19 there’s emerald you got super lucky I can’t believe you missed it

  28. JayZ Vr says:

    3:00 "Give me your toes and I shall spare your life"

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  31. seriously what kinda comment is that???

  32. Koalt9Playz says:

    What's the texture pack?

  33. ok but what's the texture pack 👉👈

  34. I would make a slab so the gravel would break.

  35. ItsTanvir says:

    0:23 why is the sun tapl. Lol

  36. emjee604 says:

    UHC idea: everytime you kill someone you drop your hotbar

  37. Kaden Dowd says:

    Lol someone in chat accused you of autoclick.

  38. Mother M says:

    There’s no gravel falling any were

  39. OMGemojiXD says:

    “I’m gonna fall in lava I- ÆÜGHĘFD-….I’m fine.”

  40. Pick one text from chat