Minecraft UHC but if you ELIMINATE a player they instantly EXPLODE…

June 22, 2020 by 37 Comments

boom boom !

Teammate: @Wisp

Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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37 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but if you ELIMINATE a player they instantly EXPLODE…”

  1. Reign Ryn says:

    blast prot would of been smart

  2. ONE says:

    Beuh why arent shields allowed?

  3. ONE says:

    Blast protection would def be useful here

  4. Aleksy Domke says:

    musze zrobic kilka rzeczy i wracam

  5. Minecraft UHC but the player with the lowest amount of water bottles gets eliminated

  6. LoockaDoocka says:

    this is UHC corona edition keep your distance xD


  8. Long Tuan says:

    carpet bombing has gone to a new level

  9. Minecraft UHC but every kill you get adds an extra heart to your health

  10. Paul Poynter says:

    Minecraft had but you die if you have the least arrows

  11. 3yqhd says:

    is this a jojo reference?

  12. Mr300g says:

    Hi live Chat

  13. Honeydew says:

    "Minecraft UHC but if you ELIMINATE a player they instantly EXPLODE…"
    Sounds like Deidara lol

  14. Gortune says:

    scenario: first one to craft a notch apple gets a stack of them and then everybody else in the game will be 1000v1ing him

  15. Fulookin says:

    Is this a jojo reference?

  16. Blast Prot: bast for now

  17. david plough says:

    Have ya done a uhc start with blindness? Im kinda new, but thought that may be neat

  18. Plot twist: the lightning makes them explode.

  19. TheBoom says:

    did somebody say JANKRAT?

  20. Nick K says:

    It's pronounced may-lay

  21. I just need to say that your intro is the best

  22. JCB Dippo says:

    UHC Idea: Backstab. Swords are upside down, hitting the area behind you, instead of in front. Placing two swords in a crafting table will make a dual blade which hits in front and behind. Day 3 like 20th vid of asking

  23. Jon Joe says:

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  24. UHC but you can make guns

  25. Shyanne 8098 says:

    actually in the end when enferno said rahill died first he was wrong because he blew up from his explosion for some reason the person who gets blown up comes up first, same with your fight actually.

  26. O Ruka says:

    Killer queen already touched you

  27. S Hansel says:

    why does tapl dosent use a shield?

  28. 8:06 that was the best part of the stream XD

  29. Tron Gamer says:

    "Grab a cloud"
    Grabs my plush Flying Nimbus
    …Now what?

  30. Duck Luck says:

    Idea: the more blocks you break the more mining fatigue

  31. RawChicken says:


  32. erika flores says:

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