Minecraft UHC but if you get the HOT POTATO, you are ELIMINATED….

June 20, 2020 by 47 Comments

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47 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but if you get the HOT POTATO, you are ELIMINATED….”

  1. EGGTASTIC says:

    9:30, im dyinggg haahhahaha

  2. The title should have been "Minecraft UHC but if you get the HOT POTATO, you are OUT"

  3. do a uhc but if you dont kill someone you die

  4. Jaden Abeyta says:

    UHC, but the two random players play tic-tac-toe to decide who dies. (Cat’s game means both live)

  5. UHC but jumping places a block of dirt directly below you. (Parkour fights would be cool^^)

  6. Sarah Reaves says:

    UHC: you can’t get apples so you can only get heals from gheads

  7. 9:00 Don’t look at the last word

    Don’t do it

    I’m warning you

    Seriously don’t look at it

    Aaah ya did it

    I hope you’re happy

  8. "Long live the king"

  9. wetmath 3000 says:

    so this is what happens when you combine uhc and tnt tag

  10. Fish Stick says:

    Hi twitch chat! 😄👋

  11. Gary Holcomb says:

    UHC idea the one with the least amount of fish dies every min

  12. tag games in skool be like 10:1910:50

  13. I couldn't stop laughing when they started fishing hahahaha

  14. What everyone sees: hot potato
    What i see, as a mario fan: lightning cloud

  15. Water-Chan says:

    uhc but its raining potions

  16. HellCatXAsh says:

    This is by far one of the most entertaining UHCs I have ever seen.

  17. Am I the only one who started singing the hot potato song by the Wiggles?

  18. How does he swim in the lava?

  19. The Girls says:

    annoying how cracky his voice was i want him to clear his throat ughhh

  20. "this is a bucket"
    "deat god"
    "theres more"

  21. Gortune says:

    scenario: first one to craft a notch apple gets a stack of them and then everybody else in the game will be 1000v1ing him

  22. why does TapL sound like filthy frank a little bit

  23. Minecraft UHC but there's an epidemic

  24. 8:39 confusion noises
    Moments later-

  25. A Hot potato says:

    hello, im the hot potato as you can see my youtube name. I make content too, and now im in TapL his video.

  26. 8:32 this part got blursed really quick!

  27. Minecraft uhc but it's normal!! 🤣🤣

  28. just imagine some guy using a fake hot potato

  29. Xperimental says:

    This is the most cursed blessed uhc🤣

  30. Uhc idea; you die if you have the most items in you inventory

  31. LMAO all of you should be banned for cross teaming in solos

  32. iPeridot says:

    People in Twitch chat: GO TAPL!!!
    Me: Am I the only one that saw the sign that said “no u” at 9:52 ?”

  33. Santibag says:

    Could be better if potato was giving speed or something. It's too difficult the way it is in the video.

  34. When tappl said its sobo I laughed so hard because sobo is a kind of drink

  35. Tapl: Diamonds plz game.
    Minecraft: 4:11-How about some Iron, Gold, and Redstone.

  36. 8:45 lol stick iron got a disc XD

  37. stoop says:

    we need to know what the text at 8:58 is please translate

  38. Vid. 168. Still waiting for him to win his first round ever i guess

  39. Minecraft Survival Guide memorys ARE COMIN BACK 1:10

  40. Hat Crab says:

    has that cookie tree grown yet?

    (75 cookie vid)

  41. etyals ee says:

    uh tapl how do i grab the bootes void?