Minecraft UHC but the player who kills the FEWEST mobs is ELIMINATED every MINUTE…

June 15, 2020 by 44 Comments

mcdonald mcnugget
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44 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but the player who kills the FEWEST mobs is ELIMINATED every MINUTE…”

  1. F's in the chat for the dog

  2. eyesack says:

    I’m not sure if this is confirmed or something by TapL but his name is Harvey because he keeps calling himself Harvey

  3. Eh WHAT says:

    🤣somebody told me all the non-blocks are mobs… so why don't we just create a painting and… yeah

  4. Prime Buzz says:

    Where can u get ur texture pack 😀

  5. Minecraft UHC but the air is TOXIC !

  6. Jakub says:

    Player that has bred the least animals dies

  7. Atomu says:

    UHC: The person closest to 0 0 is eliminated every minute

  8. WhyMax says:

    Killing the horse hurt me

  9. jero guarin says:

    i don't understand why any uhc player never make a shield for protecting is like nonsense

  10. ThunderGamer says:

    UHC but if you are the closest to 0,0 you die every min

  11. tunareth says:

    When you face a zombie, you should just punch it for a while to force it to spawn more nearby.

  12. Please stop having spoilers in the intro. PLEASE

  13. Aron says:

    UHC; But every minute BOTH the guy who mined the most and the least blocks is eliminated

  14. Willcan says:

    What texture pack do you use?

  15. angry peta noises

  16. UHC but everyone have x-ray turned on all the time?

  17. MathMC says:

    i love the mobs' faces that are in the tapl texture pack! they're so funny

  18. Hikari says:

    Harvey x Enchanting Table is the best ship.

  19. Najwan Ali says:

    Uhc but you need go 2 the bedrock if u dont wanna die

  20. Emad gergis says:

    What happened to that skippy uncle which you won?

  21. Your a good player.

  22. David Kelsey says:

    Minecraft but a random person dies every minute I don't know if this has been done before

  23. Divine dark says:

    That guy was cheating he was using optifine lmfao

  24. Rindiculous says:

    Player with the most/least blocks mined dies every minute.

  25. GameBeast says:

    Somebody should've gone to the nether and just killed a bunch of pigmen

  26. Serapha says:

    PETA wants to know your location:

    your taking our business away from them

  27. UHC, but game starts in nether.
    Do in 1.16 nether update

  28. In Sensitive says:

    u said grab a stock photo of a banana, and i was actually holding a banana

  29. Wotterbean says:

    Could’ve easily bred the chickens

  30. Akanedre says:

    Mob spawner = victory

  31. falcon 01xxl says:

    UHC: the people with the most amount of health die

  32. pentekimi says:

    uhc idea: everyone gets a full inventory of chorus fruits at the beginning of the uhc

  33. Jacobson Co says:

    Its wabbit season

  34. Random player dies every 5 minutes

  35. Everybody gangsta until sugarcane grows without a water nearby

  36. Ryan Tutty says:

    The guy who found a spawner: I’d be surprised if I die

  37. Fallstar says:

    When you pluck a flower, you gain a dynamite.

    You cannot attack other players except with dynamite.

  38. Tynado says:

    That starting cane tf

  39. The guy that killed you is a loser

  40. I can see the title already "Minecraft UHC but the person with the LEAST amount of STONE mined DIES…"

  41. Minecraft UHC but you have a certain amount of time to kill someone and you die if you don't.