Minecraft UHC but the player with the MOST eliminations get ELIMINATED every MINUTE…

June 1, 2020 by 36 Comments

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36 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but the player with the MOST eliminations get ELIMINATED every MINUTE…”

  1. the eman says:

    Plot twist: The mob with the most kills gets eliminated

  2. Olivia Brown says:


  3. taci burito cat maus iiaiaiyucfdu fs ed

  4. UHC players are definitly not the best builders

  5. Minecraft UHC, but whenever you hit someone, you also take that much damage.

  6. Pugguy132 says:

    ah finally tapl smp

  7. Ian Lucas says:

    solution: just kill everyone in the first minute

  8. imbadatgames says:

    Get some sex and water and enjoy

  9. Goob says:

    Rich people be like: oh yes, grab a helicopter, but which one?

  10. Daddy Pig says:

    The Teletubby tho

  11. JCB Dippo says:

    UHC Idea: Backstab. Swords are upside down, hitting the area behind you, instead of in front. Placing two swords in a crafting table will make a dual blade which hits in front and behind

    Edit. Hi chat

  12. Don't forget to like da video

  13. Lizhi Cao says:

    Did anyone else notice the diamonds at the bottom of the bedrock hole in the bottom?

  14. "i do not want any social interaction or I might just die"

    Tapl predicted Coronavirus

  15. Sophia Pearl says:

    Someone random in the chat: “you should collab with fruitberries”

    i agree

  16. salty zeb says:

    uhc but everytime someone dies everyone's inventory gets filled with dirt

  17. Pedro Endara says:

    Daaaam, Tapl doing face cam

  18. So when I first started watching TapL i thought he said "Stop Like ringing the bell." And I was like wtf is he talking about but know(since I grew a brain cell) I realized what he said.

  19. So if you try to win you lose?????

  20. Edric Lee says:

    I have a toy helicopter

  21. UHC but its in the nether

  22. The Sunroses says:

    the most wholesome UHC

  23. Trinston was here…

  24. Flame and trap kills are the way to go
    Traps would be hard because everyone is trying to indirect you

  25. SavageBoy 93 says:

    Did anyone else see that someone said that Skeppy was better than TapL? Like, seriously dude, shut up

  26. UHC: everything is U P S I D E D O W N, like tools, food, blocks, mobs, the world

  27. UHC Idea: the person with the least ores dies every minute?

  28. Rodane says:

    So Imbed your in bedrock at 0:0 lmao

  29. TapL: Snowball Pickaxe.