Minecraft UHC but you DROP your ITEMS every 10 seconds…

June 2, 2020 by 45 Comments

burn rip time
Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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45 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but you DROP your ITEMS every 10 seconds…”

  1. da man says:

    TapL: Shows himself winning the UHC in the intro

  2. kxleii says:

    Scenario: UHC but all the ores are in the nether.

    Hard gameplay: Everyone starts with a diamond pickaxe (to mine the obsidian) and one iron ingot (to make a flint and steel). They have to find naturally generated obsidian in order to make the nether portal.

    Easy gameplay: Everyone starts with a diamond pickaxe (to mine the obsidian), lava or water bucket (to put on water or lava to get obsidian), and an iron ingot (to make the flint and steel). They have to find a lava or water pool to get the obsidian.

    This is day #3 of asking TapL to do this

  3. Harry says:

    every minute the person with the most girlfriends dies

    *sobs* i just wanna win a game

  4. snowy fox says:

    imagine trying to mlg but your items fall and if your skilled enough you catch them again if you fall quick enough and land it

  5. Feexi says:

    Randomizer uhc except obsidian is amazing and diamondless. (You get diamonds from killing players.)
    Everything else leads to trash.

  6. UHC but the person who has traveled the most/least gets eliminated every minute

  7. invisibilius says:

    physically painful to waatch

  8. F.B.I. says:

    Minecraft uhc but ores switch every minute

  9. Well, he always drops his sword during fights. Now, he will drop it LITERALLY always

  10. Wolfbat 10 says:

    At least we can see his real face now

  11. Bryce Barton says:

    .Minecraft Uhc but netherite is found at the bottom of the world, like a layer

  12. Veeti Niemi says:

    In that uhc you should have half inv GApples and other half Sharp V DSwords

  13. Kokichi Ouma says:

    Day 4: UHC but a player is eliminated if they’re at the furthest xyz coord from a random coord(random coord stays the same for the whole game until meetup and switches to the opposite , like, if it’s -15 36 19 before and during PvP, it switches to 36 -15 38 as soon as meetup starts)

  14. Me: nothing

    TapL: super entertaining vids

  15. ylicortes says:

    How do u join a UHC? Do I need to pay something?

  16. ellie says:

    Here’s one: Minecraft UHC but every time someone dies you get levitation for 5 seconds

  17. Noah’s Ark says:

    I just noticed that a Mickey Mouse bed is on the screen XD

  18. MC UHC but the person with the least diamonds DIES!

  19. Can we appreciate someone stared into all of our souls at 0:59 in chat

  20. etvi 06 says:

    Uhc idea starts on fire evry 10 secends

  21. SKRAAL says:

    You should play on an alt so people will try to kill you and wont give you special treatment lmao

  22. Viderr says:

    So are we not gonna talk about that Mickey Mouse bed at the top right?

  23. “Pizza pie you die” -TapL 2020

  24. GoldenHaki says:

    Day 3 of asking TapL: An idea for UHC, when you load in you play like regular but you have a person you are assigned to kill. You can see which direction they are in, their cords, etc. You can only kill them, and the only way you can kill someone else is by killing the person your assigned to and getting a new person. The person you are assigned to is also assigned to kill you so one of you have to kill each other.

  25. UHC idea: There are no apples

  26. Person with least amount of water buckets dies

  27. UHC idea: the person with the lowest amount of wooden swords dies

  28. Draco Malfoy says:

    UHC but with followers; every kill you get the person that died is linked behind you and helps to kill other players. If the leader dies then the person that killed them gets their followers.

  29. I am Trash says:

    His laugh at 1:44 cured my depression

  30. Daylan Laze says:

    My solution keep inventory

  31. Troy_Duh says:

    Imagine this but without antiburn

  32. LC Skyblox says:

    In this uhc, you should only have 9 different items to save time and pls do leaves drop gapples

  33. TapL: I thought I heard a name.
    Also TapL: My last braincell is gone.

  34. Jacko says:

    why were you just casually holding diamonds near a lava pool, especially if you knew the diamonds would drop into the lava
    at least be more careful man

  35. Tijn Wessels says:

    TapL: Tries to play minecraft uhc
    His items: "I don't know who I am, I don't know where I am, all I know is that I must YEET"

  36. noops says:

    Ping wars.exe

  37. Lxzy Drexmq_ says:

    The thumbnail makes me hurt inside-