Minecraft UHC but you get PUSHED in RANDOM directions every SECOND…

June 18, 2020 by 42 Comments

Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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42 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but you get PUSHED in RANDOM directions every SECOND…”

  1. Shako_Lamb says:

    5:37 Me explaining how U.S. time zones work to someone else in the Twitch chat

  2. This is how many people liked:

  3. Mackii_boye says:

    the chat was so oblivious to the scenario lol

  4. Quacked says:

    UHC Idea:U can heal with foods

  5. I was eating cake while watching this.. 🙂

  6. HaiL says:

    More like Minecraft UHC but everyone have crippling depression

  7. Exodus says:

    UHC but every couple minutes you get a higher level of slowness?

  8. soysauce 89 says:

    It feels like a 2b2t fight the entire time

  9. Purple Clout says:

    You could do a uhc where there’s a whither chasing you

  10. This was the most unfortunate game to be my second UHC.

    Can't wait to play in more though!

  11. Marco ! says:

    UHC scenario snowballs , eggs and fishing rod do damage

  12. GabeInnit says:

    This is like 1000 ping

  13. GabeInnit says:

    Uhc but everyone has speed 100

  14. Jack Johnson says:

    UHC but whoever has the least boats dies

  15. Jack Johnson says:

    This was UHC but everyone had bhop lol

  16. UHC IDEA: Daleks are made for each player. They chase the nearest player. You can't hit them but you can remove one if it collides with another Dalek or if you explode it by some means. You can use Daleks strategically to kill other players. gapples get you ignored by them for a short time so they change to alternative target. Daleks mine and replace rocks with cobblestone as they pass through and make their own stairs if needed. If Daleks realised they are trapped they explode like TNT. Drinking milk will teleport you to opposite side of playable area but halves your health.

  17. Ok but did anyone notice he said grab Raymond?

  18. The boys says:

    chicken what

  19. boza says:

    Thumbnail: "uh oh spaghettios"

  20. When you stopped crafting and suddenly u dont know where you are

  21. Bakon says:

    Idea 4 new uhc: Everytime u kill someone and or something (pig, cow, zombie ,skeleton) u get slowed or do less damage/weakness

  22. UHC scenario: this but on your hot bar

  23. dualsamurai says:

    I have so many UHC ideas: not moving causes push (like this video), drops an item from your inventory randomly, can't walk backwards, looking at someone stops them, every time you kill a player, your inventory is erased, when you pick up an item- it fill all empty slots of your inventory.

  24. SheepGolden3 says:

    Honestly get better internet dude you are lagging everywhere!

  25. lol @ people simping for Harv in stream chat

  26. Uhc scenario : if u have the least positions you die

  27. you should do a uhc were it pushes you to the closest player

  28. Zach Hudson says:

    It was actually a whole struggle to make it threw this video ngl.

  29. 1st time I saw him win

  30. Tori S says:

    This is UHC but your player has tourettes

  31. Nobody:
    The kid with bad internet:

  32. A Zaim Adil says:

    Chicken nuggerless child ;(

  33. First comment in 6 days

  34. The Godzilla says:

    You know next time people are going to use minecarts.

  35. Vin Axel says:


  36. Alex Wong says:

    this video is probably used for tapl to toggle his bhop no scam no lie

  37. DustyDeer says:

    Do this scenario WITH THE SCENARIO THE person on the lowest level dies every minute lol

  38. UHC idea: Every time the host takes damage, everyone gets healed.

  39. It look like hacking

  40. Daegan Hanks says:

    "Chicken Nugger(6)
    French Fried
    Sweer Potato"

    What an amazing menu

  41. Why is no one talking about the pic at the top left corner lol