Minecraft UHC but you SHARE the SAME health with your TEAMMATES.

June 29, 2020 by 30 Comments

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30 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but you SHARE the SAME health with your TEAMMATES.”

  1. ICE_Plane says:

    Lol I have the same skin as the person in the thumbnail

  2. HeyItsDamien says:

    this has to be my favourite uhc for reasons i dont even know lol

  3. Idea:
    Uhc but it's normal

  4. eak says:

    Whats the pack?

  5. Minecraft UHC but you can't jump lol

  6. Minecraft uhc but u share everything (inventory health)

  7. Mizuryryn says:

    Minecraft UHC but if you take damage everyone gets extra heart capacity

  8. Sparqc says:

    UHC but your team shares the same health, inventory and armor

  9. Daily Dragon says:

    this was the only one i was in

  10. That like to dislike ratio is insane

  11. PRAAYYEE says:

    Make more videos about this UHC

  12. Did anybody else notice the chat having a conversation about pizza

  13. Joe Helland says:

    Uhc, but its teams of four, you all share the dame health pool, AND you dont know who is on your team.

  14. CBMax says:

    Tapl: playing UHC
    Chat: talking about the timezones, colors and pizza

  15. I have a Minecraft UHC challenge combo. Linked teammate damage with sky base, creeper launching and deadly laser

  16. Suzy says:

    I love how the whole stream chat is just simping over every single Minecraft youtuber

  17. Hide and seek tag this guy vs the entire server they have to find and kill him before time runs out and they all die or maybe till they all die as every min one person will die and their only goal is to kill him before they are all dead especially if their numbers are dropping every min

  18. Nolan K. says:

    UHC but you have a partner and if they die you die. If your team makes it to the end you fight each other.

  19. If do not take any damage will be fine

  20. Leo Li says:

    UHC but you share inventory’s

  21. Imagine if you and your teammates are doing something important and there's an noob In your team and dies and all of your teammates also you dies

  22. JG hehe says:

    2:10 I kinda like it.

  23. Uhc but everyone shares an inventory

  24. Techorb says:

    Yo if i hear any music in the next vid im unsubbing

  25. JessScreams says:

    Wait if everyone on the team takes the same damage… how was that one guy solo at the end? Did all of his teammates leave the game or something?