Minecraft UHC but your BOW shoots 3 ARROWS in ONE…?

June 21, 2020 by 42 Comments

shot em
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42 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but your BOW shoots 3 ARROWS in ONE…?”

  1. Pasta Cult says:

    do uhc but its normal uhc

  2. Dr Cake says:

    I can do that with a multishot crossbow

  3. Uhc scenario: unlimited inventori

  4. Every minute, all of your armor and tools get a random enchant

  5. Hypixel skyblock runaan's bow XD

  6. It's over risin I have the high ground

  7. UHC idea: For every person you kill you gain a level of speed.

  8. Ella Miesse says:

    wait what am i supposed to do with my one blueberry

  9. BabyRaven 52 says:

    9 thousandth like

  10. Minecraft uhc but people with the least g heads dies

  11. i swear every time he mentions eric i do a double take because my boyfriend is named erik and i’m momentarily confused😂😂

  12. “i go. i go. i don’t know where but i go”

  13. UHC idea: every block mined drops XP, but diamonds only appear on level 8 and below.

  14. 浪雪兔 says:


  15. Lewy says:

    tapl do a uhc but u can only set redstone traps

  16. Lewy says:

    sugestion number 2 minecraft uhc but hter guns

  17. Lewy says:

    and moded armor

  18. Yeah uhmm idk what I just wanted to comment 😂

  19. Ronii B says:

    what do you call it when tapl plays golf

  20. KCP says:

    Lol for crossbows

  21. Nobody:
    Mom when you wont finish your dinner:
    press 9

  22. Alternative title:
    Minecraft UHC but bows have multishot

  23. what bow is like shotgun like if you agree

  24. am I the only one in this world that doesn't use the wasd keys for minecraft

  25. i want to see this mans fingers flying on the keyboard and that mouse

  26. Dry Toast says:

    am i the only one who holds their breath when he is fighting like its going to help or something

    Edit: idk if its to over powered but UHC but when they get hit with an arrow they get stuck in a web or slowness

  27. CZ-Kick says:

    alpha minecraft is chad, nuclear grass and OUGH gang

  28. SpyLegendsYT says:

    UHC but u go super slow and have blindness

  29. Bryson Wahl says:

    UHC in the nether

  30. I play Stuff says:

    This is basically uhc but you start with a runaans bow

  31. This man really neglected enchanting bow when it had 3x damage

  32. TheNek17 says:

    Kills chicken, chicken appears on screen and subscribes

  33. me uses a multi-shot cross bow

  34. Naja Turner says:

    How do you go live with him

  35. TapL: today we are playing a UHC but bows shoot 3 arrows
    Multi shot crossbow: am I a joke to you

  36. Aayan Zubair says:

    you ant walk uhc you can only use boat to move or the water

  37. idea: minecraft UHC but rods do damage

  38. Xander Doss says:

    Terraria players: this is just a normal day in post mech hardmode

  39. Bzjs Jsjzz says:

    Crossbow with multishot from 1.14

  40. UHC but every you kill mob you get enchant