Minecraft UHC but your INVENTORY is SWAPPED with a RANDOM player when PvP enables…

June 30, 2020 by 48 Comments

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48 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but your INVENTORY is SWAPPED with a RANDOM player when PvP enables…”

  1. Its Nutty says:

    UHC idea "what if when meetup starts everybody loses all gear and gets full iron with prot 4 and a bow with Infinity, that's it, no sword or anything, that is, unless you were to stash your loot away."

  2. not og idea but BEST ARMOR EVERY MINUTE DIES

  3. What is tapples texture pack

  4. I haven't seen it yet but what if u throw everything out?

  5. gregistopal says:

    putting your stuff in a chest ruins the whole point

  6. Video 4 of petitioning to bring back the images

  7. Minecraft UHC but gapples only fill your hunger bar and does not affect health.
    Only Mushroom Stew can heal you, but it doesn not affect hunger
    (all other foods does not affect hunger)

  8. iWinterMelon says:

    What if there's an afk and someone's inventory gets switched with him/her inventory

  9. Skyline R34 says:

    Do this but without being able to put your inventory in a chest

  10. Sanguiris says:

    UHC Scenario: Normal UHC but every 5 minutes, a random UHC modifier is added?

  11. Minecraft UHC but you canโ€™t make iron armor you can make everything else except for iron armor

  12. Just store items in cHeStS

  13. i wouldnt mine a thing
    cuse it is getting swapped doe

  14. UHC idea- In the middle: lava rises every 10 seconds BUT the person at the highest y level dies every minute

  15. My notifications says 1hr ago but this was made 2 days ago…VISIBLE CONFUSION

  16. Jude LoSasso says:

    Uhc idea: person with the least EXP
    is killed every minute

  17. Halo DJ says:

    All you have to do is put everything good in a chest and then you keep the goods+ whatever the guy had you swapped with

  18. Just do nothing and then boom switch ivoritory

  19. Not sure if this counts as a UHC, but: Diamond spawns are more common, but there are only 3 iron ore throughout the entire game every time.

  20. ramen says:

    UHC scenario: every 10 people that die you switch positions and inventory with a random person

  21. ramen says:

    UHC idea: uhc but it's a uhc

  22. Jericho173 says:

    this does Almost nothing except remove your levels. just use a chest

  23. Jericho173 says:

    imagine wearing unbreaking 3, curse of binding leather armor before pvp then try to find the poor lad you screwed over

  24. Jericho173 says:

    link UHC #idea whoever has the least enchantment tables every minute dies. but the first 5 minutes are a grace period

  25. ImLegit says:

    "UHC but its vanilla"

    No timber, no hasty, no fire res, no 4 wool = 1 string, etc.

  26. You could have put everything in a chest

  27. U drop everyrhing before it happens

  28. You can put your stuff in a chest before the swap

  29. Brody Urbahn says:

    When you swap put your stuff in a chest

  30. I stan the person who said stan twice ๐Ÿ˜‚

  31. Z3V0 says:

    I would just put my whole inventory in a chest :sunglasses:

    Darn it I'm not the only one

  32. Yash Choubey says:


  33. Chad Liu says:

    COuld of put all your loot in a chest right b4 pvp and when inv switches you get more loot + your original stuff, + if you dont wanna lose exp put sharpness and proc on stuff 2

  34. DogeisCut says:

    i would fill my inventory with dirt

  35. sandman says:

    imagine a full set of leather w curse of binding.

  36. BestLeek _ says:

    Just put yours in a chest

  37. Uhc but the common ores are stronger then the rare ores.

  38. DaDemiBoii says:

    i would just do nothing and hope the best person their gets my loadout then i get sum godly

  39. Max Costin says:

    Tapl in his brain: should I use X-ray?

  40. Jalesha Bass says:

    The strat is to pity your stuff in a chest before pvp start

  41. Brin says:

    Nice transition man! 5:39

  42. TTV ProKing says:

    Idea you should drop the good stuff and get others stuff

  43. Lone angel says:

    Why did switch only ones?

  44. Pie Cat says:

    me not watching this video yet just put what ya have before pvp inna chest