June 19, 2020 by 40 Comments

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The British guy’s name is Ordinary Things.
Here’s newest video:
Do check it out — if you like my content you’ll like his.
Turns out the password was just ‘password’, so I’m back into the main account. That’ll be the next video.


40 Replies to “monsters.”

  1. mattmark94 says:

    Mento just means "chin" in italian.

  2. Jonah J says:

    6:58 It’s the gentleman pirate.

  3. Range Queen says:

    Holy sh*t, IH likes O&A?!? Amazing.

  4. Paddy Mc says:

    Mentoc – The Mind-Taker.

  5. Blue Zero says:

    siren head and slender man both suck.

  6. Milo H says:

    Like ya flab g

  7. asimple pie says:

    The fact that I’m the only one that has pointed out subnautica music being in the video is interesting

  8. Matt Jarjosa says:

    Aw, but I love Mothra 😕

  9. you guys are hilarious. i'm only commenting so you get better algo-rhythm. Ordinary Things needs more subs. he's great too.

  10. Kevin says:

    6:58 Nice foreshadowing.

  11. Two aristocrats discuss whale omnicide (1789, colorized)

  12. Bruno says:


  13. The internet hystorian: Kill all whales
    Mykull Reeves: Kill all turtles

    Aquaman: * sweating nervously *

  14. Flup says:

    The gentlemen pirate met you guys irl?! Why didn’t you mention that in the documentary??

  15. I love how the bit on the deep ocean is represented with Subnautica music and sound effects.

  16. If you two go on a mission to kill all the whales, I will go on a mission to hunt you. Whales are cool.

  17. I can't believe they met the gentleman pirate before starting their journey of killing all the whales.

  18. Iji Modo says:

    Oh shit, Captain Stebe is in this.

  19. Link 626 says:

    Holy shit! It's Stede Bonnet! 6:58

    This is some Pixar level easter eggs.

  20. Sam Peterson says:

    The singing ones are called sirens, they sing what the sailors desire and they end up crashing into rocks and die. Mermaids are actually really scary, but they eat fish and stuff.

  21. Sam Peterson says:

    Is ordinary things supposed to look like keanue reeves

  22. John Labuda says:

    hey! stede bonnet is in this!

  23. Amulya Reddy says:

    Yup. We are the real monsters wanting to wipe out everything that's not human. 👍

  24. Halu says:

    Even then, he was already a captain

  25. ZxZeroStelar says:

    6:58 then we get the 1 hour backstory LOL

  26. Ab Shah says:

    captain bonnett's first appearance

  27. Is that famous pirate steed bonnet!

  28. InkMango says:

    im genuinely wondering if someone has made fanart of mento now

  29. Honestly, the scariest thing is this video was the shaved bear. Proof that reality is stranger than fiction. Love the videos. Thank you!

  30. Im so scared of the deep ocean


  32. 26:02 when I finally got the weak to coke a cola joke

  33. Thomas Lock says:

    "I'm gonna go for a new one"
    goes for a Pokémon that came out 17 years ago

  34. Cool artist: makes cool monsters

    Scp: Hippity Hopitty, your art is now my property.