Program ESP8266 & ESP32 Boards Over Wi-Fi with MicroPython WebREPL [Tutorial]

June 12, 2020 by 23 Comments

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How to Program an MCU with MicroPython Over Wi-Fi
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 166

What makes MicroPython great for beginners is how easy it is to use. Another benefit is its handy web interface which makes it possible to upload code you write over Wi-Fi. It’s great when you don’t have access to a data cable or would rather it be running independently on a separate power source. Today, in this episode of Cyber Weapons Labs, we’ll show you how to enable this feature.

Check out our MicroPython getting started guide:

To learn more, check out the article:

Boards you could use:
– D1 Mini ESP8266:
– NodeMCU ESP8266:
– D1 Mini ESP32:
– NodeMCU ESP32:

Other gear needed (or optional):
– Micro-USB cable:
– 5 V power adapter:
– Solderless breadboard:

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23 Replies to “Program ESP8266 & ESP32 Boards Over Wi-Fi with MicroPython WebREPL [Tutorial]”

  1. Null-byte website: Accept all cookies including tracking cookies or GTFO
    Me: re-opens link in tor browser

  2. Josh Swift says:

    Where do you go for the hacking tools (physical ones) in your videos?

  3. Top List says:

    Can some one tell me what the duck poster on the wall is? Is it a tool?

  4. Hey bro please make a video on subject
    What is hacking, apparatus needed
    Important procedure .etc please

  5. Raza 786 says:

    Hii bro my Facebook account was hacked please upload Facebook account recover video
    I am Indian please bro help me🇮🇮🇳

  6. B Green says:

    I am not able to open webrepl.htm from my terminal even if I use sudo what version on esp32 software should i be using. I think I loaded .10 because some else advised so. I can upgrade to 12 if needed.

  7. Uppy Pasha says:

    super secure password :Password …

  8. can you tell me how use it on linux…?

  9. Rooster says:

    M0r like hack over WiFi?

  10. Om Dwivedi says:

    Bro, please tell how to find bugs and loopholes in android application using their source code

  11. I laugh out loud when he says, "If you leave it like fu then somebody can come in and do bar."
    The others couldn't even figure out how to turn my laptop named Nitro or my desktop, Clunky on.

  12. This is the channel where I learned 90% hacking from.

  13. can any one tell a way to access d link router admin password. I'll tried wireshark to sniff packets but the password in decoded.
    is there another way please tell me or refer me to that

  14. TRicKss says:

    Can you make a video to make a bot script for snapchat score and how to use it been looking long for it but no results it would be cool!

  15. Gaurav Gupta says:

    dear sir please teach us by making own ctf website like hack the box or atack and defend on home by setuping on ubuntu and deploying whole thing in vm and we can ssh it

  16. Sir please make a full tutorial video on MSF… please…❤️❤️👍

  17. Quiet Cat says:

    Could you make/is there already a playlist with hacking tutorials that don’t require a network adapter and are more focused on things around the internet rather than big hacks?

  18. He protecc
    He attacc
    But most of all
    He dont blink while he hack

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  20. martinkuhk says:

    I actually put a blockly interface on top of the original WebREPL page to make it a bit more friendly for beginners:

  21. Thanks for actually following up on that comment from so long ago! love the videos!

  22. SgO says:

    Dr. Sheldon Cooper presents hacking with Dr. Sheldon Cooper

  23. Diego Flores says:

    Ok You up the script but how to execute the scrip???