True Facts: Cats’ Killer Senses

June 15, 2020 by 41 Comments

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Thank you to Dr. Alexis Noel at for allowing me to show her work. Click on the link to see other remarkable work that Dr. Noel has done! Her work on the cat tongue led to work on a better hairbrush!

Sweet receptors:
Pupil shapes:


Footage used under license from:
Envato Elements


41 Replies to “True Facts: Cats’ Killer Senses”

  1. Alan Kent says:

    The commercial in the middle ruins the continuity. If you must have it, but it at the beginning or the end

  2. Steve 82 says:

    "Et al is like the best scientist, he's on all the papers." -ZeFrank

    That's hilarious

  3. 0:130:20

  4. Taiyama2 says:

    Man, what was that lioness' plan against that giraffe? Talk about Darwin Award.

  5. "They used their sciences …" cracked me up

  6. asbergan says:

    "They cant taste sweet" OMG, i just figured out why cats are so pissed all the time!

  7. Viggo W says:

    Why do they drink all weird
    Its like if we drank water with a spoon

  8. Sarah Cote says:

    Horses do the stank mouth so often 😩

  9. Olivest says:

    This was so much funnier because my cat was giving demonstrations the whole time. She was sticking her whiskers up my nose when you were talking about whisker vision (probably just checking for boogers). She was licking the tender skin off my chin while you were describing the tongue. And then she turned around and put her eye of sauron in my face at the end when you were talking about getting behind the tiger. I laughed until I cried.

  10. 666OrWhat says:

    5:22 That IS pretty cool, actually.

  11. Jude Manalac says:

    what's happening on the crocodile crotch at 6:36 ? is it giving birth? shitting before it got pounced? aroused? it seems inflamed what was that

  12. Not so shure about that Flehmen Response to all species pictured are correctly assumed by our science. Our bulls, sheep bucks and stallions did that + upper lip thing 7:33 only when they got smell of females in heat. Thats how we made sure of cows ovulation before inseminations. I never observed same in cats for the same reason though. That lion male 7:11 throws a nasty grin reaction proper to the smell signature of catpiss markings of other tomcats same as my boy felidae did when strangers had marked his private stairs, etc. In difference to our bulls and bucks, he does not seem happy news mode at all.

  13. FluffoDuff says:

    I've watched the ZeFrank for 7 years. Damn, I was 11.

  14. 46raulfull says:


  15. beer tooth says:

    Horny Jabba 😆😂

  16. Djimon Page says:

    6:41 so no one noticed the crocidiles butthole

  17. Dust Fluffy says:

    These videos do a better job of teaching me than school ever did lol

  18. When my cat drinks water, it sounds like she smacking her lips lol.

  19. "Trust me, I could drink beer out of a bucket in the dark"

  20. MrChazz10 says:

    04:06 "and Et al who is like the best scientist because he's on all the papers.."

  21. Yudi Lai says:

    The young people with their grape part hits home for me, it’s too real.

  22. Heidi Wegner says:

    These videos should be played in every school in the world!

  23. 6:36 that aligator is packing some heat.

  24. Trapsquad says:

    Why does YouTube only give you one ad or on some video no ads they really suck I can’t wait until the next best thing comes along and ppl and freely make content and be paid for it this shit is hilarious and factual

  25. Ok but can we please get a full release of Beer from a Bucket in the Dark? It's such a vibe

  26. kitskivich says:

    7:56 is euphemistically called Playing the Cello in my world.

  27. I just finish an apa research essay (mainly in one night) so the et al. comment made my bust out laughing

  28. What’s with the fifteen hundred dislikes?

  29. Stupid clams they don’t even have pupils , they’re dumb

  30. Jason Summit says:

    If cats have such a good sense of smell, then why does my cat look at me like nothing's wrong when he farts and I get up and leave?😂

  31. Arden Haran says:

    How large a portion is donated? Just kind of curious.

  32. Mary Udomah says:


  33. RT says:

    1.6k Thumbs down from vegans that force feed their dogs and cats vegan diets.

  34. Bree says:

    That et al joke KILLED me

  35. Judy F says:

    My cat must have been a throwback . She was very snotty normally, but haul out the Whoppers or Mr. Goodbars and she was your best bud.

  36. irishgrl says:

    Only the domestic Persian has fur too long and dense for effective self grooming. You can kind of tell.
    This entire narrative is full of snarky gems! Love it!

  37. karmakazi219 says:

    Lol! I've always called it "stink-face".

  38. Coriverse says:

    at 0:40 does not explain why my cat goes crazy over my mango chicken.

  39. senpai duck says:

    6:39 uhhhh, is that how crocodile dong look like? not supposed to see that