Will More RAM Make your PC Faster?? (2020)

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How much ram do you really need? 4GB ? 256GB? 1.5TB ?! Do games like Tomb Raider and Rainbow 6 Siege only need 8GB to run well? We test a whole bunch of Corsair Vengeance LPX ram so you dont have to.

Thanks to Flow Joe for the simulation model!
Also thanks to Neil Parfitt for the info, check out his channel here: https://lmg.gg/TBU7C

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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 https://lmg.gg/fxHYK
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Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 https://lmg.gg/8upii


45 Replies to “Will More RAM Make your PC Faster?? (2020)”

  1. Amehdion says:

    700 tabs? You gotta get those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers…

  2. Greb Nitty says:

    Soooooo, yes or no?

  3. Morden Geist says:

    Got a new rig custom from Digital Storm with 64gb Corsair Dominator Platinum DHX in it. This one should last me 5-6 years. The rig it is replacing died after 8 years of pretty heavy use and had 16gb but it was beginning to choke, albeit just slightly, on some of the newer games/apps.

    Full spec:
    Case: Lumos
    MOBO: ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi) (AMD X570 Chipset)
    Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X (12-Core) 4.8 GHz Turbo
    RAM: 64GB DDR4 3200MHz Corsair Dominator Platinum DHX
    Power: 1200W Silverstone 80 plus Gold modular
    M.2 slots (x2): 2x SSD M.2 –1TB Seagate FireCuda 520 NVM Express Gen4 PCIe
    Storage 1: 1TB SSD Samsung 860 EVO
    Storage 2: 2TB Western Digital – Black Edition
    Graphics: GeForce RTX 3080 10GB (Performance Edition)
    CPU Cooling: H20: Stage 2: Digital Storm Vortex Liquid CPU Cooler (Dual Fan) (Fully Sealed + No Maintenance)
    OS: Windows 10 Professional 64-Bit Edition (fine tuned to remove background BS)

  4. **4K erotic video editing** I fixed it

    I agree with the premiere tests. 16GB was ok, scrubbing was a pain, I would crash occasionally when exporting. With 32gb it’s like night and day, scrubbing is almost instant, program is snappier and no more crashes.

  5. is it me or does Linus's voice sound deeper?

  6. why does linuses voice sound different

  7. I run chrome, discord, and minecraft with my 12gb DDR3 ram on my dell precision t7500 and it works…

    not too too well but works. (I know my cpu, and gpu being crap is alot of it)

  8. mike harmon says:

    You don't know what's in my closet Linus! (Checks closet to make sure)

  9. NDRS G says:

    Yes. Two rams = 2x3200mhz… Four rams 4x3200mhz… Got it?

  10. I have a simmtronics 2 gb ddr3 1333 mhz ram installed (i have 2 slots) , i am felling short of ram (85% usage). Can I buy another 4 Gb ddr3 1333mhz ram and put it in another slot after upgrading to 64 bit os

  11. I'm a gamer/streamer & when i switched to 32gb ram from 16gb my system was kind of laggy and weird

  12. Nico Z says:

    Linus makes the best tech vids

  13. who tf would open hundred tabs

  14. Bruh.
    I thought this was a video explaining that you need dual rank dual channel ram to get extra zen 3 performance

  15. KF25 FAGERS says:

    @linus tech tips
    can you play multiple pubg mobile on android emulator using server pc i would like to build mine but im thinking if it is worth it?, building server pc for android emulation running multiple instances

  16. GTAGammer22 says:

    yes I am 'Wanda' and I want 1&1/2 TB of ram

  17. Sage Red says:

    No, it wont. Unless you have below 8 gb ram. I upgraded from 8 to 24gb and the difference was not much because at around 12gb ram it was useless having more. Buy a CPU, or use razer cortex, or adjust your settings, or something.

  18. cnbr69 says:

    how do i download ram

  19. Russoft says:

    Gaming. Video Editing. SOLIDWORKS. Okay, half my budget goes to RAM then…

  20. more memory= less drive thrashing.

  21. YAHYA STUDIO says:

    4k render time on
    667mHz ddr2 is almost 5 hours

  22. Ricky Huerta says:

    God I thought it was a segway into a depends add lol

  23. Dorington says:

    WORST 2 PHRASES U SHOULD NEVER HEAR …. Yer Crush sayin : We're just friends

    Linus sayiin : IT DEPENDS ….

  24. WindowsDR1 LOG (file://DESKTOP-99FTN2V/Users/cbz/Desktop/WindowsDR1%20LOG)

  25. NX Texas says:

    guys I'm good I have 16 GB

    of storage

  26. Kim Land says:

    Bought a Dell laptop i7 with 8gig of RAM.
    Don't really do any mixing/graphic designing or massive games on the laptop.
    But I wanted 16gig. I WANTED 16Gig 🙁 Now you've made me 2nd guess getting more RAM!
    Damn you, damn you and your tech guru bastardy.

    Hi how much RAM do you have?
    I have 8, that's right EIGHT. Don't look at meeeee.

  27. it's amazing how much room 3TB of ram uses with 32GB sticks in a server. Also what a pain to troubleshoot if the "guaranteed" compatible sticks actually are not compatible.

  28. koeeer G says:

    difference ram speed in igpu vega 3 2400/2666/3200/3400 GTAV

  29. Yes, but actually no

  30. I got 32GB RAM… I had 2x 8GB sticks originally and then I saw my RAM on sale again and though f*** it no harm now I have 4x 8GB single rank RAM its the kingston predator DDR4 3333Mhz CL16 that I managed to get running at CL15 at 3333Mhz.

  31. Hi Linus, I have a different question. We have 2 laptopts and their rams are 8gb modules with same timings table. But their part number and rank situation are different. They are Samgung M471A1G43DB0-CPB and M471A1K43BB0-CPB . What do you think about use these rams at the same time?

  32. Got to love the it depends answer. 🙂
    If you're doing high end AI/ML workstation type workloads, you will want 8GB per virtual cores. So if you go over 24 cores on these motherboards where you have a max of 256GB… you would be ok. 64 cores? You'd need 2TB of memory.

    For those who are doing gaming or normal work… that would be overkill.

  33. Kraken101 says:


  34. Tim Spencer says:

    oh man… I just bought a cheap new PC with only 8GB of RAM… by the time I opened 538 tab Chrome browser, I noticed the page file usage getting used…. guess I'll have to look into getting 16gb or 32gb of RAM next week.. thanks for this video! 🙂

  35. Must be nice having a computer with ram capable of running everything in existence. While I'm over here with a budget laptop that can't even run Photoshop without getting set on fire.😆

  36. dukesarx says:

    i'm havning a hard time figuring out how much clockspeed is needed for modern gaming? Im running 2666 atm but know theres like 3600. How does it affect a game experience?

  37. KamoGaming says:

    Wait with 4gb booting to Windows gets you 50% memory usage…. So then why does my laptop with 8gb do the same?
    Edit: 5:39 oh I see. I've got too much shit on in the background