10 Awesome Minecraft Mods You’ve Probably Never Heard Of 15

July 31, 2020 by 38 Comments

Today I bring you 10 more Minecraft mods you have potentially never heard of. I hope you enjoy!

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Realistic Block Physics –

Village Spawn Point –

WallpaperCraft –

Giant Spawn –

Mo’Blocks –

Florist –

Wizard’s Animals –

PattysMoreStuff –

Aestheticism –

Cinderscapes –


Minecraft Forge –

Fabric –



Oshóva – In The Jungle –


38 Replies to “10 Awesome Minecraft Mods You’ve Probably Never Heard Of 15”

  1. Igor -_- says:

    0:010:25 – No turtles can fl…

  2. Ƿynnťari says:

    The intro animals are getting more complex
    I have no idea what those creatures are :v
    Now it's a "guess the mod of these mobs" challange
    And I think it fits the channel pretty well

  3. Ƿynnťari says:

    2:26 – sounds laggy

  4. Ƿynnťari says:

    clear throat
    Cave update

  5. the "always spawn in a village" mod could just change the story thing of minecraft like instead of "you awake in a random spot on a planet not knowing anything or what happened" it's more of "you're a villager leaving the village you grew up in, also you know how to use your hands unlike all other villagers."

  6. Feer O says:

    yo that nether mod looks really really cool and a lot better than the nether update imo

  7. sun says:


  8. Salti Bacon says:

    mfs saying we need the cave update, while i'm just waiting for a better world generation update

  9. Noob king says:

    Dude why the link is worst

  10. no we need a cave update

  11. Pls give me PC😭 I beg u I've been watching all ur videos I am Soo exited I wish u will give me PC with already has mcpe😭 pls

  12. His intro and outro is always CURSED XD 😂😂😂😂

  13. Does anyone else wish the Minecraft developers would ask moders if they could ad the mod to Minecraft?

  14. Does AsianHalfSquat bklink or wink??

  15. Most people: Wheres the cave update!
    Me: So, 1.16 is here and they haven't added chairs yet?

  16. Enderlytra_ says:

    Why have Vanilla Minecraft when you can have other flavours of it?

  17. "1.16 was great now we just need a clears throat cave update"

    1.17 is going to be a cave update, you my man have a true super power!

  18. Legend Puppy says:

    Caves update? Nope

    Caves and cliffs update? COMING UPPPPP

  19. Billy Cipher says:

    AsianHalfSquat: Now all we need is a clears throat cave update
    Me: laughs in Caves and Cliffs 2021

  20. hm hm hm cave update comes true 😀

  21. Wallpaper craft realy said : light blue green INCORRECT ITS MINT

  22. kyle ashwood says:

    where nt gonna talk about donkey's falling in the water in the background no? okay.

  23. Project with a massive medieval themed world? I want in! I need inspiration for my own moderately sized medieval themed world which is connected to other worlds through another world that just has portals.

    But of course, I can't do that in anything later than 1.7.10 because certain mods stopped being developed past that, and if there's an alternative in a later version, there's a different mod that I can't find!

  24. The Nether didn't need biomes. It doesn't make any sense.

  25. B0uP!3 says:

    the intros are just..
    I could never make such perfection.

  26. "now we just need a cave update"

    Well have I got something to tell you!

  27. Sandwich Boy says:

    Ngl, those nether biomes are really scuffed

  28. OrangeXDJ says:

    Mojang: Caves and cliffs update

    *distant proud asianhalfsquat noises

  29. i just need a hmhmhmmhmhmhm cave update. welp. victory.

  30. Is it just me or that rralistic block physics mod is toxic?

  31. mr whale says:

    who watch his mods
    videos regularly and never downloded them 😆

  32. remember when he said "now we just need a cave update"?


  33. andres rivas says:

    Why is there a whale spawning infinitely behind you

  34. Daka Baka says: