13 New Ways to Auto Farm old items in 1.16-1.16.3+ Minecraft

July 4, 2020 by 36 Comments

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All new 1.16 automatic farms for Minecraft Nether Update! With tons of new items, mobs and biomes we made ways to get everything easily. Check out the links for more details and world downloads.
►All New 1.16 Farms: https://youtu.be/ANbnSu917qo
►More 1.16 Simple Farms: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-5egZTw99_7ml5khqKSHJ8Xp30Hz-dl9

►Farm everything document: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sk6LH9r7Gt3e3QwNBIgu9O5GiMgjgDnU8EJJGOJdhHw/edit#gid=1617196397
►Bedrock Edition Farms at silentwisperer: https://www.youtube.com/c/silentwisperer

0:00 Important info
1:29►1.16 Wither Skeleton Farm: https://youtu.be/m0i1YO57NXE
8:23►1.16 Iron Farms: https://youtu.be/K-kKkPzRlXM
14:35►1.16 AFK Fish Farm with treasure: https://youtu.be/Xr7lb3nlnKY
16:58►1.16 Witch Farm Easy (witch hut spawning location can vary): https://youtu.be/wj9NG1UZ7ew
19:03►1.16 Quick Gold Farm: https://youtu.be/clMpnEnmiv8
20:18►1.16 Obsidian Farms: https://youtu.be/yNlXasixMVs
22:04►1.16 Squid Ink and Kelp Farm: https://youtu.be/vvFThmtB89I
23:39►1.16 Gold Portal Farm: https://youtu.be/9qfOsR1mmrA
25:26►1.16 Easy Wither Kill: https://youtu.be/L23DVmlfhXA
26:45►1,16 Wither Rose Farm: https://youtu.be/FEYuk5CCy6c
28:24►Simple Concrete Maker: https://youtu.be/n9pXBteRGSE
29:55►Bee Farms: https://youtu.be/MPhGTBDFWDY
31:09►Lossless Item Elevator: https://youtu.be/Tq-7AE4LZsg

Blaze Farm: https://youtu.be/lHqTd-kRScE
Zombie Piglin Farm: https://youtu.be/nMBYnGD8PbQ
Magma Cube Farm: https://youtu.be/JmbO-Zp7elY
Skeleton Farm: https://youtu.be/Z8K1w0q9aos
Mob Spawn change in 1.16: https://youtu.be/LCLOeJz9cE0 https://youtu.be/zkqQI4WMN0U
Pigman XP/Gold Changes: https://youtu.be/CgjlV99aDVA https://youtu.be/zkqQI4WMN0U

►Farm EVERYTHING playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-5egZTw99_6ewb2MMwED4q8xZyz7RgeH
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ProtoTech is 100% Vanilla Survival whitelisted 5.5 year old server that has never reset the map with 150,000+ Minecraft days accumulated. With the goal to automate and collect everything possible in the game, the journey has only started!
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36 Replies to “13 New Ways to Auto Farm old items in 1.16-1.16.3+ Minecraft”

  1. Rays Works says:

    New ways to farm old items with 1.16 nether update!
    ►All New 1.16 Farms: https://youtu.be/ANbnSu917qo

    ►More 1.16 Simple Farms: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-5egZTw99_7ml5khqKSHJ8Xp30Hz-dl9

  2. Is the gold plus whither rose farm affected becose i saw this problem whith the enderman and whither rose farm

  3. Massimo says:

    The way to prevent villagers from composting stuff is to put trapdoors all around the composter so whey won't be able to access it but still farm normally. They will leave both seeds and wheat on the ground and you'll just need a pickup system underneath like a hopper minecart going around.

    You can avoid having to build an afk platform for the wither rose farm if you spawn proof and teleport proof (double carpet) the area around the gate. I ended up removing almost the entire island leaving only a bit more than space required for the farm (I didn't use the original gate next to the battle arena but another random one far away). This way I can stand next to the wither and still have endermen falling down

  4. Sithoid says:

    Wait… In the previous witch farm video (May 2020) you said that the top layer of ice goes on top of the roof (and the world download seems to agree, having it at y=69), and here you're saying it goes in line with the roof. So which is correct?

  5. 1:29 for an intro jesus christ

  6. 1:10 where's the other 3.6% gone?

  7. Rhett Huter says:

    Is there a more in depth video on the fish farm build?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thats good to know bern kinda outdated since 1.12 xd

  9. Stopped watching as soon as I heard java edition

  10. Nightshade says:

    Dislike every video with the subscribe ratio message, sorry dude it’s out of principle. Even like your content just it’s such a constant nag in the community I can’t stand seeing it after the 200th+ time

  11. Grace Young says:

    10:39 subtitles on
    OH ShaT

  12. can i make iron farm like end ironfarm in overworld?

  13. would a flower pot work for the easy iron farm?
    Also do you get any enchanted books from the really small afk fish farm or is it all of them that aren't dropping

  14. Ray, does forge fuck with the farms, like spigot as you mentioned?

  15. My problem is villager isn't scared and iron golem isn't summons…


  17. He is a genius, stand alone innovator of his own caliber and league. No one can compare to him… not even mumbo jumbo

  18. How far apart do the iron farms need to be if I want to use multiple of them? Distances both vertically and horizontally. It would be easiest to know the distance between the zombies' composers.

  19. PurpShell says:

    Mojang: nerf wither roses so you cant make farms with them
    Ray: hold my wither skeleton beer

  20. Afraim Alvi says:

    So…Wither skeleton can spawn on other blocks except Nether Bricks? :/

  21. Azufire says:

    8:06 but what about a trusting fox holding a looting sword? I thought enchantments are applied?

  22. MHS says:

    I am from ph1lza

  23. CholsreaMMOS says:

    Can you make a witch farm using a villager breeder and just wait for rain and use channeling to make like… 150+ witches

  24. Znaka Doom says:

    ive been working on that wither farm for hours following tutorials but nothing works nothing spawns. whats next?

  25. We built the wither skeleton farm in a server, but the wither skeletons jump up onto the trapdoors and kill the piglin. I added 8 more walls around the central one, but now some of them get stuck in front of the drop shoot? Am I missing something?

  26. Marcel Geck says:

    Am i the only one or does the Wither Skeleton Farm don't work any more (12 Skeletons in 30 minutes in the world download) ?

  27. raul cacea says:

    But what are the rates of the fast iron farm?.
    With the new 1.16.3, the bug form the gateway portal did not correct and the villagers don't spawn that many golems. Still, how much iron per hour does this farm produce?

  28. John Mullins says:

    With the wither skeleton platform I'm finding placing a trapdoor on one of the walls near the hole helps them fall in easier. With only walls when two walk in at the same time they can push each other out of the way so they don't fall in. Still needs the wall underneath for pathfinding. I'm on 1.16.3

  29. For the first AFK fish farm: It might be because I'm in creative, but I don't get any fish or treasures. The mechanism works perfectly fine, and I hear the bobber splashing methodically. I just don't get the achievement for fishing the first time or getting any fish in my inventory.

    Edit: I just tried it in survival and also checked the chests. I haven't gotten any experience or items

  30. llumas says:

    How exactly do the changes to the end iron farm affect efficiency? Does it produce enough anymore to be worth the hassle of building this beast in the end?

  31. If three wither skeletons spawn at once, they get stuck trying to get down. How can I fix this?

  32. PLZDONT says:

    I wish you did bedrock edition farms yourself

  33. FedeRama says:

    So we can not longer turn the wither roses farm off, to use it for exp only..?

  34. K HARDYMAN says:

    Eather I'm dumb or blanked out because I never saw how did you get the portal gone. We've tried using a mushroom but it never worked. We play on Minehut.

  35. Never had problems with mobs not damaged when touching both lava and water.

    I use thw iron farm shown by Zela Games

  36. does he say what and how many blocks needed?