Host Your Own Tor Hidden Service with an Onion Address [Tutorial]

July 11, 2020 by 40 Comments

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How to Host Your Own Tor Hidden Service
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 172

The deep web. You might think of drugs, hackers, and other criminal activity when you hear those two words, but the Tor network is a valuable tool for preserving privacy and anonymity. To browse the deep web, you just need the Tor Browser, where you can find tons of hidden services using .onion addresses. If you want to create and host your own hidden service, we’ll show you how in this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab.

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40 Replies to “Host Your Own Tor Hidden Service with an Onion Address [Tutorial]”

  1. Arata Izumi says:

    Using Apache will leak your IP use ngix or some other light server

  2. Yuno Kawaii says:

    Cool Video, ty 😀 o/

  3. All Can use my github project
    thia is a burute force attacker

  4. could you please show how to install the tor client on linux?

  5. Ray Chau says:

    Isn' TOR created by the NSA? LOL

  6. Cyb3rs34l says:

    You should check this app on android called p6s lite bought a camera that wanted me to install it an yeah heck no ghat thing wants all kinds of privileges.

  7. guy allo says:

    Nice video . Just a question to acces a web site with .onion we need tor browser, but if we are connected to a tor proxy can we access to a .onion web page ?

  8. Julian P says:

    Their alliance is getting bigger I see, more blinkers.

  9. fake name says:

    I don't trust people that blink.

  10. mryes says:

    I have a problem! all shown here works.. however my website is a chat server which stores messages on mysql database… if i try to do this like u do well the website does not work (even if i install xampp with mysql on machine / even if i add HiddenServicePort 3306 to torrc file :/ please help!)

  11. Your channel is so underrated
    Awesome content as usual

  12. Al Mustafa says:

    hey bro where to find that files on Web :p

  13. Can You tell us how to host full website at Tor Hidden Service with database?

  14. Python sc6 says:

    What is the dude is like fbi or something

  15. logan graham says:

    but what if my content isn't static?

    say i want to reverse proxy using nginx into the tor network.
    because i have this small chat server running that i want people to access without me having to register a domain name.

    i have a domain name already and its all set up but the domain name is likely to expire soon.
    and i'd rather not be reliant on a domain name register.

  16. CryptoSavage says:

    can anyone help me understand why i get a broken pipe error when trying to go back to my .onion site i did everything and got it working then i shut my computer down come back and now its a broken pipe error and asks is tor already running? when i try to redo the tutorial here

  17. MemzStuff HT says:

    I guess the lizard got a new suite

    Jk , awesome videos guys😁😅

  18. sylar says:

    What if I don’t have a hidden_server
    And I can’t find my .onino address

  19. Hackers will be hackers 😉😉

  20. ah yes. I'll create something like tik tok but it doesn't steal you'r data and works on onion lol

  21. Error: Package 'tor' has no instalation candidate.
    Edit:Fixed 🙂

  22. let's make our onion site to a Phishing site

  23. Are you able to do this on your mobile phone?

  24. The Exposer says:

    Bro which software you used? Linux or Ubuntu?

  25. Mightdragon says:

    After starting hidden service, my computer will continue working like exit-node?

  26. Simón says:

    When i type sudo tor it gives me this error:/var/lib/tor/hidden_service/ is not owned by this user (root, 0) but by tor (43). Perhaps you are running Tor as the wrong user?
    Sep 28 07:00:51.920 [warn] Failed to parse/validate config: Failed to configure rendezvous options. See logs for details.
    Anyone knows how to fix it?I'm on manjaro and i'm a total begginer at linux and all this stuff so i'll be glad if someone could help me.

  27. armersuender says:

    So, this would potentially give malicious actors a point-of-entry into your network, right? Because you've essentially tunneled through your router's default protections, as well as your ISPs?

    EDIT: I mean if you share the address anywhere publically or it gets leaked publically.

  28. sylar says:

    Can you have more then one free tor website and can you change the name of the .onion that you get on the hidden_services.

  29. SumTingWong says:


  30. Moth ra says:

    will this work in a virtual box?

  31. Thomas Karba says:

    Why does my torrc not have the hidden services code and when I write it in that hiddenservicedir doesn’t exist? Can anyone explain where why?

  32. Sam Ms7 says:

    I didn't get the point, why are you using the loopback address? the second when you talked about shodan

  33. Siddh Mistry says:

    thank you for tutorial. i have a question is there anyway to change onion doamin

  34. Anonymous says:

    You can't restart it though.
    You must use "sudo apt-get remove –purge tor; sudo apt-get install tor" in the majority of cases.
    Manual concepts like "sudo service tor stop; sudo service tor start" and reload/restart do not work.
    The fail-safes "sudo /etc/init.d/tor restart" and "sudo systemctl tor restart" and "pkill -sighup tor" don't work either in most cases.
    Tor has a long way to go; people have been complaining about tors stubborn service attachments.
    Once it runs, it appears to try to maintain a connection to the service that originally provides the hostname, and if you try to break that, tor itself breaks and can't reconnect, hence the purge and reinstall for every service-stop (break).

  35. Anonymity is a privilege everyone should have. Not a right though. That privilege is something that doesn't guarantee you that you can do anything you want. It does provide you anonymity for browsing mostly. Your computer however has to respond to incoming request once that .onion address is reported to match the request in order to your hidden service work properly. Don't forget that the exit relay node (which is known to exit surface node) knows your IP address. Also don't forget that every computer in TOR network can be used as relay node or surface node, and those connections can be easily listened to from outside. Even though it is difficult to determine which network node is going to be used next time (that thing is determined randomly, unless you hack the protocol somehow and force select the nodes manually), with enough time invested and/or clever hacks you can track down cyber criminals and basically anyone on the network…

  36. Ben Wilson says:

    How do I get a v2 address (short .onion address)? I can't seem to find the package for the v2 address. I can only find turorials on the long v3 address's.

  37. FakeFalador says:

    @Null Byte uses NodeJs. c++ and python deprecated, current python developers are amateur visionaries who have more ideas than code. it is much more practical to create applications in java and convert to .exe. and nodejs is also supported by google.

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