Minecraft UHC but every time I take DAMAGE, everyone loses an ITEM from their INVENTORY.

July 30, 2020 by 50 Comments

Minecraft UHC but every time I take DAMAGE, everyone loses an ITEM from their INVENTORY.
Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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50 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but every time I take DAMAGE, everyone loses an ITEM from their INVENTORY.”

  1. That poor dude just wanted a screenie

  2. fipi ntugyi says:

    The gaping bat mostly discover because protocol temporarily stuff after a unusual bagel. incandescent, slim oxygen

  3. Go to 17:07 and look at the chat on the right it says tape is like a 5 year old lol

  4. Urban says:

    Tapl: Looking for snow

    Cactus: 👁️👄👁️

  5. RashieYT says:


  6. Eli Barber says:

    When he didn’t run headfirst into a cactus

  7. Marc says:

    Love your Eminem references

  8. Pa Ca says:

    I have never seen TapL win a UHC

  9. Waffl3ss says:

    UHC idea:Minecraft UHC but everytime you take damage from mobs, I get more health points

  10. Minecraft or uhc but the water is lava and the lava is water
    Lol im thinking about tapL seeing this comment…..this is imposible

  11. UHC idea: Every time you kill anyone a random player will lose their full inventory slot, leaving items in the hotbar behind.

  12. Serena Shum says:

    dude, you can just stand on the cactus

  13. Let’s go out and then let’s fight leave your boat is that’s my name but that’s not me because I don’t play your server I’m gonna play tomorrow this weird

  14. Chippy says:

    You’re so bad bro. You could’ve just put everything in a chest and take damage from drowning

  15. Couldn’t even win the one where he was op xd

  16. i feel so bad for 60mm lmfao

  17. Jacob Hill says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen tapl win a game after all of his handy caps

  18. he sed sweat mode but he is always a sweat LOL

  19. Seth Downey says:

    You also could have used a cactus.

  20. Because I don't have mc, but still I want to be in this.

    What would I do in this situation?
    If avail I would craft Ender Chest
    Craft as much of armours and sword
    Get exps
    Enhance all
    And fill my inventory with it and also my echest,
    Even stone axe I would include

  21. The Guy who didn't lost anything was watching his stream

  22. Ewan Hall says:

    Everytime tapl is damaged one person dies

  23. Zoe Anies says:

    me watching everybody in chat saying use a cactus use a cactus.

  24. TreeStick says:

    This is the most evilest thing anybody can imagine!

  25. i feel no regret for my selfishness

  26. im veteran says:

    when i see this i was thinking that item was dropped

  27. Fehmi Bilgin says:

    12:10 cayci ? Bizim c4yci mi

  28. If you peel her up and fly off the pillar with a bowt you fly

  29. you mad about four diamonds when im happy with two in 30 minutes

  30. lives are valuable dont be like this guy in the chat who doesn't have anything and killed himself. u are important

  31. Russell Hall says:

    Does anyone notice that tapl isn’t the best at uhc and by the way I suck so I shouldn’t be talking

  32. 2:12 how child giv leather

  33. Landon Zane says:

    This is communism uhc

  34. OK let me just go and put a noob on the back of my roblox character I will be right back

  35. J G. says:

    He should've filled his inv. with gold while rodding so its very unlikely his rod will be yeeted

  36. Sh0ckWav3 says:

    UHC idea
    Every time you take damage everyone else takes damage

  37. Raven_a10 says:

    UHC: Every time you gain an item, everyone else gains that item too.

  38. UHC idea: every time someone picks up a item he gets half a heart for example diamonds or emeralds

  39. I look at the minecraft chat 2 sec and i see some one who don't know how to craft and some answer him alt+f4 lol

  40. Sem Arends says:

    this uhc + inventory swap every 2 minutes no chests no dropping

  41. Person: *Have OP item
    TapL: *takes damage
    Person: …-

  42. PG_Theifs says:

    At this piont I don't watch his videos anymore I just read the chat