Minecraft UHC but if I take DAMAGE, everyone else gets TELEPORTED 100 blocks in the air.

July 28, 2020 by 47 Comments

Minecraft UHC but if I take DAMAGE, everyone else gets TELEPORTED 100 blocks in the air.

Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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47 Replies to “Minecraft UHC but if I take DAMAGE, everyone else gets TELEPORTED 100 blocks in the air.”

  1. Sorry I Litterally only play on a Nintendo switch Bc it’s the only console nobody uses in the house and I only work on one world pewdiepie status and ider how to do these things

  2. BlueTongue says:

    Okay, this is not even entertaining anymore, this is just sad to see

  3. Liam Blanco says:

    you should do every heart you take is 100 blocks in the air everyone else goes(half a heart would be 50 blocks)

  4. You are being a jerk right now

  5. omair musa says:


  6. You can just go to bedrock or dig 100 blocks so when it happens you get teleported to the tip

  7. TrAsH 716 says:

    I feel so bad for the people that died first

  8. Anime Text says:

    can you add mode links in desc?

  9. 0:32 get some water,” me that has no water: o………k

  10. KongoPauw says:

    What's up with the crafting tables

  11. Patrick Hung says:

    pEoPle bE liKe hATeS tApL

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  13. Freil234168 says:

    2:39 in the chat “I will eat you”
    3:03 in the chat “ur so gay”
    3:23 in the chat “REVIVE US U RAT”
    3:53 in the chat “I want to see him die so bad”
    4:52 in the chat “OmG Hi FuTuRe mE oNg”

  14. Eli Ragsdale says:

    Every time you break a block they take as many hearts as you break blocks

  15. Minecraft but if you jump your items will get switch all around your inventory

  16. Jad Lamdouar says:

    he should get a bucket

  17. can you one day play Roblox

  18. My brother ask if your name is harvy

  19. Jacob Dumas says:

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  21. Wisp is copying you tapl

  22. Ethan Iannce says:

    like 3 people got ip banned

  23. Pilot 596 says:

    Deadly sun with what this vid had plz

  24. Ava Jara says:

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  25. Would be more fun if as a tradeoff you couldn't heal.

  26. Jessica Hall says:

    Would you respond yourself

  27. My Account says:


  28. Accidentally gets a splinter :
    "Guess were all gonna die now!"

  29. UHC but with 1.17 caves theme

  30. nova Chan says:

    Wait, why you craft a pick and then it enchants in this UHC

  31. Ali Pea says:

    Are you my teacher his name is called harvey

  32. Ben says:

    TapL becomes sadistic, colorized

  33. kiiyuri _ says:

    am i the only one who kept watching the pond person praising their
    pond in the minecraft chat the whole time? xD i was kinda sad that they died at the end- they were kinda funny

  34. 8:18 thats a nice comment bone

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  36. TheLoneWolf says:

    What is this texture pack

  37. Ibjnsy Gbbf says:

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  38. trophyman says:

    You actually hit the water:(

  39. Dynamic Go says:

    He said ''APRIL FOOLSS!!'' but this vid was posted on july…. 5:23

  40. dekiru says:

    Karma hit you hard!

  41. Hi says:

    Jjwiwqi@ that mean you are bad