Perform Aircraft OSINT Using Your Smartphone or Computer [Tutorial]

July 17, 2020 by 39 Comments

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How to Track ADS-B Data for Airplane OSINT
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 174

If you’re not an avid plane spotter, it can be quite difficult to look up in the sky and identify an aircraft. In this episode of Cyber Weapons Labs, we’re going to show you how to do it with your iPhone or Android and collect a ton of other OSINT information on aircraft around you.

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39 Replies to “Perform Aircraft OSINT Using Your Smartphone or Computer [Tutorial]”

  1. Alex DeLarge says:

    Holy shit, I thought it was Kody on meth.

    Is this a hostage video, or a tutorial?

  2. Philip M says:

    Anyone ever seen Kody K and Michael R in the same room together? just saying 😁.
    Good video

  3. Ral 721 says:

    Hello, could you make a video of how they hacked into this movie? At the minute 13:25, 30:32, 31:28. The movie is called whoami

  4. Explain how receive ads-b 1090mhz and 97hz with rtl sdr

  5. Nicolaione says:

    Is this a sponsored video for Flightradar24?

  6. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  7. S3RITY B3KR says:

    Who the hell are you where is the guy who never blinks his eyes do u crossscripted his channel

  8. Shashank says:

    kody listened to us, finally gave us a blinking guy

  9. John says:

    I prefer to use ADSBexchange over flightradar24. ADSBexchange doesn't do any filtering.

  10. Thanks for the tip, If I'm ever on run in Los Angeles, with cops chasing me in the chopper –

    I'll remember to create an account FlightRadar24.

  11. Jack Sweeney says:

    Like you said FlightRadar24 is a filtered website they them self's remove military aircraft and any anybody that requests theirs taken down. I'd suggest checking out adsb exchange you can also setup a feeder for them too.

  12. Lil Frag says:

    If you dont mind can you make a video on how to find someones full name and phone number and more details please

  13. Kartik Desai says:

    Broo how to contact youu 🙄🙄

  14. If you see a circling helicopter or fixed wing aircraft the chances are it's a surveillance mission using a whole lot of cameras and devices like 'Stingrays'. T206 "Stationair" aircraft are the choice and you'll find these aircraft ownership's are shell companies, if your police department isn't broadcasting aircraft info they are usually flying in AS350 made by Airbus. I find at times a false photo is supplied to the Live Flight 24 when I am looking at a helio and seeing a large jet on the website. Get N number registry 'tail' numbers and go to FAA N number registry to locate a vast information about the craft and its owners.
    Another great tool is it shows more actual aircraft photos and more info compilations and it also has a real-time flight tracker.

  15. Great content, awful presentation , he keeps pausing as if he is waiting for the text to change on a screen….

  16. Sari Laurila says:

    Where is "Staring" man??? 😮😭😻

  17. Drew Gibson says:

    We need a good RAT tutorial with something like Quasar they are becoming so common anymore. Something that shows how to setup and use and also how to defend against it and find out if you have been.

  18. What happens if some foreign power decides to jam GPS? That would play havoc with ADSB. If things got really bad someone could send a drone with an ADSB receiver to intercept an aircraft. Not so good.
    You can also see the Google copters that take the pictures for sattelite view. If you know it's coming you could put a nice big message out on the ground for kudos.

  19. Mr. Blue says:

    I'm a terrible human being and I'm also unsubscribing so that's a win for you.

  20. Everyone asking for kody……this guy was with him from the beginning, no one remembers

  21. You Tuber says:

    Man love your videos,btw which laptop are you using currently?

  22. M1CH34L_ 88 says:

    I have a question for kody …

    Does he even use his kali linux in his mobile ??????

  23. zavior hunt says:

    Thanks. Now I will know when Pentagon send their paratroopers on my home to take me out . Btw all the military aircrafts are not shown here right? Bcoz it's impossible to track military aircrafts especially when they r on a mission.

  24. Hyy null but plz I need your help
    Plz ask me how can I change 32 bit to 64 bit
    I need to work anaconda on my lape 💻💻💻💻

  25. MG2A says:

    plz men can you make a videos for termux mobile

  26. MG2A says:

    and please add arabic language in cc option

  27. 0Day Tools says:

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    i made two tools that prevent :

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  28. there might be some aircraft that won't show up like those black helicopters you may sometimes see during emergencies

  29. nobody:


  30. puchu says:

    Finally, someone blinks

  31. Justin Tyson says:

    This guy blinks too much

  32. Jacob weaver says:

    Where is the man who never blinks?!

  33. Upside down says:

    I'm in wales uk and its strange with fr24, well more scary, noticed some police helicopters appear on it but not all, honestly think it varies by different police force policys, but see armed forces ones appear now and again, also i was curious as noticed a "plane" patroling the english channel as kept going on virtually the same journey back and forth,
    Turns out its a drone used by immigration to patrol the english channel to find boats coming over illegally, it flys out of lydd airport in kent, just have a look on flight radar between 0:00 and 6:00 GMT

  34. L C says:

    This was terrible, there I said it.

  35. Who are you and why are you blinking?

  36. Yuan LIU says:

    Thank you so much! I just posted my first surveillance video! Took me a bit because I had the bad luck of bricking TWO micro SD cards in a roll, but I revived with new purchase.

    One issue in your article: The link to PiAware is 3.5.0, when the latest version is 3.8.1. I suspect that the auto-update feature was one reason my second SD card bricked. Burning a new image kind of ruins your statistics if you do not take precaution. (And which newbie knows defensive measures? I felt FlightAware's design was unnecessary.) So a beginner would be better off with new release.