Top 10 Minecraft Mods (1.16.1) – 2020

July 18, 2020 by 36 Comments

Minecraft 1.16 is here and better than ever, and the mods are looking pretty good so far too! Here is my first top 10 Minecraft mods for 1.16.1, enjoy!

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Ping –

Campanion (Fabric Mod) –

Cave Biomes (Fabric Mod) –

Waystones –

Xaeros Map –

Optifine (“Preview versions” Dropdown) –

Biomes O’ Plenty –

Simple Diving Gear –

Backpacked –

YUNG’s Better Mineshafts –


Minecraft Forge –


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36 Replies to “Top 10 Minecraft Mods (1.16.1) – 2020”

  1. Alternetic says:

    Everyone on the internet: *AsianHalfSquat talking

    2020: * the background


  3. I need help on the biomes o plenty it isn't working no matter how hard i tr6

  4. Electro Cat says:

    Cave update is coming

    I'm from 2020 😉 (joke)

  5. 1:30 2020 Cave Update would like to know your location

  6. Думаю я поняла. Perfect 👍

  7. Lohung says:

    "optifine.. i dont play without it" doesnt say or show wat it does

  8. _Gachajoker says:

    me wanting the waystone mod

    AsianHalfSquat: Yeah this is a random mod im not gonna say the name of


  9. GARY-AAN says:

    Optifine is shaders not mod

  10. hey how to download that mod

  11. You mays well just download a modpack at this point lol. Pointless to have individual mods when you can just get a pack full of all this already.

  12. doggy talents makes tamed wolves way more intresting and it's 1.16

  13. EL J3FFERSON says:

    thanks it helped me choose the best mods for my modpack

  14. laughs in 1.17 cave update
    Cave mod? WHATS THAT!

    oh you werent joking….

  15. Zoom feature? What zoom feature? I've never heard of a zoom feature in optifine.

  16. mc 21 says:

    They should add tribes to minecraft in woods and jungles And make williger be able to hunt fight pilliger back and make camps

  17. GTX4 says:

    Bro i fucked up and now it just opens it in chrome, i don’t know how to install it ffs

  18. Issam Shah says:

    Guys I am going to do a modded survival! Can you please list some mods that would be great for the survival Thank You bye!

  19. you know how when he was showing the swimming gear mod and he said how long can you hold your in minecraft anyway like 10 seconds a 7 year old can hold their breath longer i'm a 7 year old

    okay i guess i'm almost a 8 year old but still

  20. Okay can someone confirm none of these gives viruses?

  21. 2:51 OTG with Vanilla Vistas preset is the best terrain generation that's close to vanilla MC I've seen. Unfortunately OTG hasn't been updated past 1.12.2 yet.

  22. Hey guys just want to say that if the Backpacked mod did not work try this it the mrcrayfish official site

  23. FudgieRocks says:

    Which ones work with multiplayer?

  24. where do i get it to do i have to buy it? I already own Minecraft

  25. Siren Playz says:

    Where did you find the camping mod

  26. How do u put mods in

  27. I cant have optifine installed because my game drops down to 1fps if i do so, while optifine should let it run smoother

  28. JUST THAT says:

    Biomes O' Plenty is a 1.15 mod as in can't get it on 1.16

  29. but what are the namesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss -_-

  30. raccoon boy says:

    Hold on a sec, I literally spent half of the video confused about whether or not he had a British accent

  31. I literally downloaded every mod on here (except the ones for fabric )