10 Awesome Minecraft Mods You Have Probably Never Heard Of 16

August 28, 2020 by 46 Comments

Hey everyone! I’m back with yet another 10 Minecraft mods you have probably never seen before. Just like always none of these mods have more than 100k downloads. Enjoy!

Discord link: https://discord.gg/5AXaGnC


Better Weather –

Scuba Gear –

Rosy’s Placeable Items Mod –

Origins –

Kibe –

Frogs –

Custom Selection Box –

Console Experience –

Better Graves –

Makkit –


Minecraft Forge –

Fabric –


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Video Link: https://youtu.be/cKoTJl4srrM


46 Replies to “10 Awesome Minecraft Mods You Have Probably Never Heard Of 16”

  1. I love how every intro has weird things happening like stacking mobs etc.😂😅❤️

  2. 2:43 gotta say the downloads are pretty nice

  3. Subzero says:

    Is there an Android version of the ORIGIN mod? Reply to me plsss

  4. Nivaeli says:

    All these "Fabric" mods are really annoying me, such amazing content that I can't even use because every staple mod I ever use in a modpack are forge. -_-

  5. Mat YT says:

    2:43 total downloads nice

  6. Aidenthekid says:

    Finally a mod that adds snowier snow

  7. sagaYT says:

    are these frogs are just textured rabbits

  8. Bofrab says:

    I really like this series. It’s nice having lesser known mods get some more love. Also most of the mods I use are from these videos.

  9. There are always stacks of "something" in the background…interesting…

  10. Erica Powell says:

    ❤❤❤❤the most Dantedm

  11. i like all mods you show for me

  12. MegaCraft_DZ says:

    i like NightKosh's 3 mods of gravestones
    but he doesnt want to upgrade it… i am sad

  13. Aliaan says:

    Lol console must be a joke, 69,696 lol

  14. Lexxile says:

    any alternatives of the better weather mod on 12.2

  15. Lego Boy says:

    Please include the Jurassic Era mod for 1.15.2 in your next video, it only has 335 downloads on Curseforge but is absolutely amazing! Link: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/jurassic-era

  16. kyle ashwood says:

    where not gonna talk about pigs growing in the background no? Okay.

  17. Very noticeable green colour? I can barely tell. You have good eyes my friend.

    insert stupid joke about Asians and eyes here

    I didn't make a joke because there are Asians with wide eyes and non-asians with thin eyes.

  18. Those frogs are awesome looking!

  19. If an acid rain occurs in a world with only 1 guy then we would be f*cked

  20. Game of Thrones Mod. This is a remake of lord of the rings mod, unpopular but very high quality

  21. CTGaming says:

    Hello i always wanted to be an editor so can i please be your editor for free im really good please

  22. B0uP!3 says:

    uh.. don't mind the pig tower–

  23. Magic River says:

    Me cries in pocket edition

  24. I like that console mod because I’ve been playing console and 2 months ago I got java and I don’t like in creative how things are organized

  25. The rise of the pigs!!! Lol

  26. PvPnoob says:

    No one gonna talk about the pig tower rising at 0:03?

  27. Dan says:

    console experience downloads tho :O

  28. 2:49
    Total downloads: 69,696
    me: they said it wasn't possible

  29. Dwpe says:

    2:42 look at the downloads

  30. 0:01 Tell me why aint nothing but a pig stackkk tell my why

  31. I got scuba mod for free

  32. Den says:

    "Then we have the Kype mode"

    The cow: is for me?

  33. JoshtheJet says:

    2:42 look at the number of downloads on this mod

  34. LOL Did anyone see the pigs in the intro!?!

  35. Terea says:

    The video name must be : The Worst Minecraft Mods Ever (16 Mods)

  36. Monday Rules says:

    Oh boi cool mods in the background: pigs just stacking

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