10 Minecraft Mods Every Player Should Use On Servers

August 19, 2020 by 41 Comments

Regardless of the server you are playing on, there are always mods that can make the experience better. Today I bring you 10 Minecraft mods that every server player should at least check out. Enjoy!

Discord link: https://discord.gg/5AXaGnC


BetterPvP –

VanillaFix –

ReAuth –

Neat –

Sodium –

Picture-in-Picture –

Replay Mod –

Inventory Sorter –

Better Placement –

Badlion Client –


41 Replies to “10 Minecraft Mods Every Player Should Use On Servers”

  1. Some mod that would be quite neat as well would be some waypoint mod with markers

  2. I have a question, I have always played Minecraft forge with mods and X-ray and such. I’m interested in playing through multiplayer though, so my question is do I have to switch to like bad lion client to do my multiplayer? Do I have to disable my mods 15+ mods for my single player worlds? I’m not sure where to go from here; have asked Reddit and never got a clear answer from anybody. Help would be greatly appreciated!

  3. ENDER STAR Z says:

    dose it work for bedrock??

  4. LamaOsama says:

    Can you (or someone else) tell me a mod where it shows the Armour of a player above their name? I want to use it because I'm a game mode I want to make the Armour invisible because it looks really ugly imo but it would be a HUGE disadvantage

  5. Minecraft cursed images: We are the most cursed thing in minecraft
    AsianHalfSquat Intros: Hold my beer

  6. ̇ says:

    Do best mods for 2b2t

  7. Hi pip mod not woking is saying framebuffer in not support on you version

  8. Aidan says:

    I feel like you picked the worst possible time to promote badlion client, with all the trouble going on with their owners being child ***** and honestly pretty poorly done optimization I would have gone with a community client like hyperium, allowing addons from normal developers while keeping some level of performance as well as native optifine support and client-side optimization, while I fully love BLC and Lunar I would see your viewers being more suited for Hyperium or Labymod type clients..

  9. ecksde man says:

    Badlion client is a spyware.

  10. Please make a mcpe too

  11. Boss 30 says:

    the intro: S H E E C K E N

  12. Be careful to not get banned Fit MC I play on 2b2t the oldest Anrky server

  13. Please help me The betterplacement mod isnt working for me
    It doesnt even show up on the mods place in minecraft [ingame] but I put it on the folder 2

  14. i am the 164,000 view

  15. connie huang says:

    Sadly Half Of these mods are probably considered cheats

  16. Wait are some of these available for mobile

  17. Is sodium available in forge? O tried installing it but it needed fabric and it went wrong everytime I tried to start the game.

  18. hey I want to run the replay mod and use forge mods at the same time it seemed like you did when you were displaying the replay mod

  19. Ortock YT says:

    Next time add lunar client pls

  20. Is lion client safe?

  21. Uh, you don't have to spam click in Vanilla. You can hold it. I've LITERALLY done it before. I guess I'm a liar or I'm fucking insane.

  22. Crempostor says:

    Sodium is laggy, im getting like 0-20 fps but optifine gives me 50-112 fps

  23. ANDERMAN says:

    I play skywars whenever I play skywars I use Lunar whenever I play bedwars I use badlion

  24. Works on bedrock edition ?

  25. Dakod says:

    0:40 how do i acces those settings?

  26. Man, Imagine Sodium With Optifine And BetterFps!

  27. Fictioneer 6 says:

    Therapist: Chicken Sheep can't hurt you they aren't real!
    0:23 𝘾𝙝𝙞𝙘𝙠𝙚𝙣 𝙎𝙝𝙚𝙚𝙥

  28. daedalus says:

    can i use vanilla fix and optifine at the same time?

  29. Paradox says:

    picture in picture is 1.12 ;-;

  30. Cobalt says:

    I suggest checking out masa’s mods. They are the ones used by the scicraft members, such as ilmango.

  31. Arvind shyaM says:

    i like the PVP one

  32. Gamernoob899 says:

    AsianHalfSquat: And the replay mod really doesn’t impact performance.

    My computer: AYO THAT’S CAP

  33. W1LL14M says:

    What mod do you have to make sheep’s small

  34. Can you use all at the same time?

  35. Zuzia _15 says:

    how you can change your better pvp settings in game? sorry for my english

  36. Wooflez says:

    im the 1k comment

  37. LilaPlays says:

    I love the shee- I mean chickens, in the background ;D

  38. brandon says:

    how do i use pip

  39. Kebbo says:

    bad lion is bad due to reasons