Automatic Piglin Bartering Farm Tutorial! | Easy, Compact, 1.16.2+

August 20, 2020 by 20 Comments

Piglin Bartering is a useful way to get many useful blocks and items including soul speed and crying obsidian. Bartering can be a little boring and tedious though, until now! Today I show you how to make the easiest automatic piglin bartering farm possible!

Spicy Intro – 0:00
Bartering Info & Materials – 1:03
The Build – 2:37
Improvements – 5:49


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if you read this comment “gold”

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20 Replies to “Automatic Piglin Bartering Farm Tutorial! | Easy, Compact, 1.16.2+”

  1. wattles says:

    whats up elites how u doin

  2. Xtrider says:

    i luv ur tuorials keep it up, also im sub!

  3. Why are the not just dropping the "1" as in 1.x? Will there ever be a 2.x?

  4. You can get soul speed books by fishing in Bedrock.

  5. TheAutistic1 says:

    ALrIgHt. TiMe To FiNd A pIgLiN sPaWn EgG!

  6. It doesn’t work please help

  7. Jay Cowan says:

    I would like but its at 69

  8. ArtOfPantry says:

    FACE REVEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Astolfo says:

    I did exactly what the video did but my Redstone torch and compactor won't keep going after the first gold spits out the torch just stays out and the compactor light stays on

  10. Dose this still work?

  11. Can I built it so far away that it doesn't count to the mobcap but still gets loaded?

  12. Grxphyn LxB says:

    but when you open the chest won’t they afro on you

  13. burp says:

    Does the piglin drop the gold if it's inventory is full? (if it does have an inventory of course)

  14. Birdyphx says:

    This is a great farm, so easy. Built three pods right under the nether roof below my gold farm so they are loaded in while I AFK up above getting gold. Added a minecart on top of all three to replenish gold (easily fed from above bedrock at the bottom of my gold farm) and a dropper elevator to bring all the items up out of the three pods to a sorting system. Got lucky and had one piglin walk right up in to my build spot and practically straight in to his new' home'! Great video thanks for sharing this super simple, yet productive design!

  15. FlatMouse says:

    does it work on 1.16.3?