Billiards with a 60,000 PSI Waterjet | Waterjet Pool Trick Shots

August 21, 2020 by 22 Comments

Dan said, “We haven’t cut any balls in a while, lets cut pool balls.” Then I had a weird conversation with a guy from Craigslist and here we are. I decided it would be fun to play a game of pool before we destroyed all the billiard balls. If you liked this video subscribe and watch another.

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22 Replies to “Billiards with a 60,000 PSI Waterjet | Waterjet Pool Trick Shots”

  1. Jason K says:

    How I typically explain it is: Billiards is more general than pool. Billiards encompasses snooker and no-pocket games while pool refers to the typically American “pocket billiards” tables. All pool is billiards, not all billiards is pool.

  2. Technically Dan lost. When you guys said you were playing 9 Ball that means the 9 ball should have been the last ball in a pocket, NOT the 8 ball.

  3. Hello guys can you sculpt stone with waterjet. … I heard it's possible now

  4. Sand Axis868 says:

    Do you get better cutting results with a harder material such as a substitute to garnit? How much cutting material goes though the head, is it measurable??

  5. thetable123 says:

    Watching it a second time, just because email.

  6. YCbCr says:

    Have you ever tried to just spray water in a safe direction to see how far it goes, how is the dispersion? Would it create a fine mist or quite a mess? 😀

  7. laser8389 says:

    The balls are billiard balls, the game is pool.

  8. People nowadays are so moron.

  9. Imagine if u showered with that thing

  10. Now I have to go look up how pool ball's are made.

  11. Adam Tschupp says:

    i work with waterjets at my job and i dont think ive ever had a quarter as much fun with it as these two have

  12. Meepyneepy says:

    Wonder if it'd be possible to cut through a wall from a house. Not sure how it would be possible to get it in a position to do it.

  13. Kuro Shiroi says:

    Put a decibel meter thing near the jet so we have a good idea of how loud it is. If you havent done that already idk

  14. Lil Beep bop says:

    simp time for the dude with the welding helmet

  15. Hands down one of the best YouTube channels!!!
    You guys are the best!!!

  16. How far can the water get spray like turn it towards you and spray???

  17. Toto Guy says:

    does anyone make pool balls or poo balls? lol

  18. Steve Ausrin says:

    What does it smell like in that warehouse?

    This channel should be a reality show.

  19. I wonder unimpeded how far would the water jet shoot?