43 Replies to “Casually Explained: People Who Are Into the Stock Market”

  1. Why would anyone dislike this lol, how butt hurt do you have to be 😂

  2. Reck says:

    I'm the investor but gen z, and tattoos are a sin

  3. Mark says:

    He forgot to mention the ppl on TradingView who keep posting their analysis on whether it’s going up or down lol

  4. Omg I've never heard of a shorter explanation for quants, when you think about what they do it's absolutely crazy.

  5. crhasty12 says:

    Jesus this video goes hard 😂😂

  6. rmbennet says:

    I feel personally attacked 😂. Except options have the potential to be way more of lottery ticket scratch offs than penny stocks. Options expire worthless more frequently than penny stocks going bankrupt (although that happens quite often too)

  7. ccpo l says:

    Sam o’nela: finally a worthy opponent

  8. Casually explain politics or fake news

  9. Roee Douek says:

    This guy gets it

  10. bean says:

    1:53 lmaoooo the tree is in the same place in america and africa

  11. Erik M says:

    Loved it haha

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  13. W 26 says:

    What is a WSB?

  14. SwRrVv™ says:

    You forgot Forex. It would’ve been the best segment.

  15. damn why you gotta do Theta Gang like that 😂

  16. UnknownBoss says:

    Crypto currency seems way better than the stock market at the moment anyway

  17. fatjohn1408 says:

    I literally was a goldbug who merged into a crypto/quant guy. It's pretty apt. Still living in my basement but the soybean farm dream is getting close!

  18. WeLoveValue says:

    Everybody should be in the stock market 🙂

  19. High Sol says:

    I stopped trying to sell since I suck at it so much. Buy and HODL baby!!

  20. How can you make a video about the stock market without mentionning @stoolpresidente ?

  21. koheli Das says:

    My boyfriend made me watch this

  22. Cryptocurrency is here to stay if you can't see that at this point, it's time you learn more about it.

  23. Tonasky - says:

    Yes competition does equal innovation… short term profit-driven innovation on random shit. The meaningful long-term innovation comes from tax-payer funded shit. You can't run a business plan on "maybe someone will invent something 40-50 years from now that is a tiny component of an IPhone, and I don't even know what an IPhone is, that's how much of a visionary I am"

  24. Great video, if you can't laugh at your self then you can laugh at the day traders…

  25. "Dollar-cost averaging" I feel attacked!😆

  26. Dealing with stocks investments hasn’t been easy for me
    I’ve incurred so much losses trading on stock

  27. …. THETA GANG! 🤘🏾

  28. Why are all of the examples of men? Male investors… Male employees on Wall Street… A male community of sellers… male buyers of gold and silver. This is completely sexist. No thanks – turning the channel

  29. CRK_V says:

    RiPpLe To ThE mOoN bY LaMbO

  30. printer goes brrrrrrrrrrrrr

  31. Prikense says:

    hey what happened to the fire part

  32. Gregg Germer says:

    This should just replace a whole lesson at university in finance, just play this video and drop a mic after and walk out, STONKS 101 done in 5 mins.

  33. Someone lost some money…

  34. The first "The Investor" guy is literally my dad

  35. KY Zhu says:


  36. Fuckin spot on 😂😂😂

  37. PAS says:

    I think this video was hilarious, but seriously investing is the only way your money will work for you. You’re pushing people away from the stock market hahahaha
    Someone wealthy could retire from their main job at any moment and still earn income.

  38. Quantium says:


  39. Sounds like the prepper guy has it right. The reset is the theme of the global agencies atm and the fall of the west is inevitable. Which tbh i called months before that was admitted. Its not a "reset" so much as a periodic shift in power. Which transfers from west to east this time, and last time it was the other way around. But the cycle is there. Its sad honestly. No one even cares. They just keep on submitting to these men and obeying their codes.. Guess where those are from? Wheres the oldest legal code from? I'll wait.
    Coincidence? Not at all..
    Who is the modern ruler in regard to those codes?
    What body of law do they create? What type of (legal) entity to those "codes" apply to..?