Corn on the Cob 5 Ways – You Suck at Cooking (episode 114)

Corn on the cob is one of nature’s many miracles. Whether grilled or boiled, with butter, chilli, and lime, elote, or Flaming Hot Cheetos, the cob is one of the greatest corn delivery systems ever discovered. It’s also one of the only things corn grows on. While one day corn will grow everywhere and on everything, including our own bodies, for now we’ve got the cob which is just fine. Corn on the cob is just fine.

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1. Boil corn for 7 minutes and add salted butter
2. Grill corn until a bit charred and add salted butter, lime, and chilli
3. Grill corn until a bit charred and add butter and smoke paprika
4. Elotish: Grill until a bit charred then mix mayo, sour cream (or crema if you have it), ancho chilli powder, and cilantro. Paint the corn like Bob Ross then sprinkle on feta (or cotija if you have it) and a squeeze of lime.
5. Grill corn until a bit charred. Use your rolling pin to turn Flaming Hot Cheetos unto dust then roll your corn through it. Then it it, and regret it, or don’t because it tastes good and regret is a waste of time.


44 Replies to “Corn on the Cob 5 Ways – You Suck at Cooking (episode 114)”

  1. Kyle says:

    That drift corn tho

  2. Sonic 06spin says:

    0:00 imagen if he replace the c and add the p

  3. faadi rayan says:


  4. killi mimes says:

    Do you like corn on the cob sam-I-am?

  5. Don't forget corn in the bog

  6. Mike D L says:

    Corpus cavernosum?

  7. Jay Money says:

    I have a I idea for corn get a taco salad and put it on corn

  8. Cihan Depe says:

    0:46 Trump is that you?

  9. David M says:

    Awh shucks mister them cobbers looks delicious!

  10. EXENOX says:

    From the earth he rose, and to the earth he one day will return
    His name is Colonel Cornilous Cornwall

  11. Seth Draws says:

    Great way to watch this entire channel is put It on as your about to sleep and don't watch the video just try to imagine what the video would look like as you sleep

  12. HELP! I been in the canadian forest for 75 days and i did not find one wild corn i spent 1k for this trip is it really worth it

  13. Who dose your music .

  14. My son, when he was little …used to call corn on the cob…. Corn Muh Cob…Id say.. What kind of corn do you want? Corn on the cob or off?
    His reply… Corn muh cob….for on…

    Now at 16.. He hates corn on muh cob!! Has to be OFF.. LOL

  15. How you forget to show us corn on the bog

  16. apple tree says:

    I need that outro song on spotify

  17. Ellie T. says:

    The belt grinder gave me visions of an alternate dimension where YSAC is actually ididathing with a fake american accent

  18. Didiii says:

    Personally I like my corn with butter and Parmesan cheese

  19. Ahmad Rafa says:

    0:46 that rock look fabulous

  20. One day someone will find this comment …..

  21. Actual Egg says:

    Come down today and buy some corn or we will sacrifice your new born.

  22. RedGeoBlaze says:

    I was just an average ordinary rock, just sitting in a field for no reason.
    My life changed when a generous pair of hands with a corn cob came to my field.
    Using the power of someone else's hand strength, he removed the husk from the corn, but did he throw it away like anyone else? NO!
    He saw me, a poor soul, no direction in life, no ambitions, no hope. And he knew exactly what I needed.
    He placed the husk on my rock-top, and finally, a dream I never knew I had was fulfilled. I had a luxurious head of hair. Suddenly, anything seemed possible.
    At that moment, I knew exactly what I was going to do.
    My name is Donald J Trump, and this is my story.

  23. Omnominus says:

    Excited for corn cob fighter jet episode 3 coming in 2024

  24. Omg I love the commentary hilarious

  25. the finale part i cant-


  27. Cameron Benz says:

    I sent a different cooking video to my girlfriend and her response was “I like the man who makes the corn happy”

  28. Yummy corn. Visit my channel also

  29. Wrong….. that is all

  30. The double cornhole was meant for GLORY ✊🏾

  31. opie Paige says:

    I wanna party with u

  32. The adorableness of the veggie-hair is unbelievable

  33. YeetOnDeez says:

    Me: Hey! I have seen this one!
    Everyone: What do you mean? Its brand new .

  34. Eth says:

    I really thought the corn was giant in the thumbnail

  35. Despite all my rage i am still just a corn in a cage

  36. I am want to be a fighter jet too…

  37. So now we know, he’s from Indiana