Host a Deep Web IRC Server for More Anonymous Chatting Online [Tutorial]

August 7, 2020 by 20 Comments

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How to Set Up & Use an Anonymous IRC Server Over Tor
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 180

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a popular internet chat protocol. In this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, w’ll show you how to connect this technology to the Tor network in order to create an anonymous and secure chatroom — without using a public IP address. This guide is based off the written tutorial by Takhion on Null Byte.

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20 Replies to “Host a Deep Web IRC Server for More Anonymous Chatting Online [Tutorial]”

  1. Dennis T. says:

    Feels great to have a way to chat anon online without obama spying on me.

  2. Quinn Beck says:

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  3. Can you show us how we can hack a iphone and imac

  4. T says:

    Dude id be scared of the deep web server so close to me

  5. It's not secure, nor anonymous. First off, you can view IP addresses on IRC of any user, the reason why Sabu was caught. TOR is also created by the government for the government to control what users see. Each "good exit node" listed is a government server. Anything else will get your network scanned for 30 days by the shadow server foundation.

  6. Frankeke says:

    Wait, so you don't need port forwarding on router to host something on tor?

  7. Horia says:

    Can you please use a root account instead of running all those sudo commands xD

  8. Torhe DAC says:

    Just a thing, this is darkweb (based tor network) not deepweb (unindexed clear web)

  9. Can someone message me to try and help me?

    Running this on Qubes OS inside a Kali VM
    First issue is that, in irssi /connect irc.local doesnt work
    however, it gives me an onion link and connecting to that from that KaliVM or any other HVM on this Machine works fine. On a different computer tho I allways get an "Connection refused" error. Doesnt matter if im in the same network or not. Would be more than happy if someone could help me with that

  10. Elias says:

    How do others join just with the onion link or do they have to configure the proxy thing too. When yes how bc the irc is not on their localhost isn't it?

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  12. Rose miss says:

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  13. M 1000 says:

    Is this being done on a Raspberry pi?

  14. Jono roma says:

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  15. Unable to connect or service is not known??

  16. Wafficus says:



    Fails all around.

  17. blinking eyebrows extremely concerning

  18. 0:17 illumnate 👁️👄👁️