Install & Configure a Secure Open BSD Virtual Machine [Tutorial]

August 21, 2020 by 28 Comments

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How to Install & Configure a OpenBSD Hacking System
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Cyber Weapons Lab, Episode 184

OpenBSD implements security in its development in a way that no other operating system on the planet does. On this episode of Cyber Weapons Lab, we’re using VirtualBox to install the OS within a host to create a full-featured test environment.

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28 Replies to “Install & Configure a Secure Open BSD Virtual Machine [Tutorial]”

  1. Nice work! Could you make a video about open canary?

  2. blakkheim says:

    saying "it uses unix" isn't true. "it is developed by berkeley software distributions" is wrong (and doesn't even make sense). fvwm isn't "the openbsd desktop environment" and isn't developed there. using http for sets doesn't make installing packages easier. this is pretty bad.

  3. What we do to become CEH like you ?
    And how you feel like?
    BTW I always practice by watching your videos thank you so much

  4. ikixin says:

    It’s really cool to see OpenBSD get some recognition on this channel.

  5. Coded Being says:

    Cool do you guys have videos on tiling window managers?

  6. Torhe DAC says:

    Note : OpenBSD may be insecure until it was badly configured. Choosing OpenBSD as a system, does not make your apps secured.

  7. Píchass says:

    Fuck off OpenBSD doesn't need new people

  8. Wish you would have showed more then just the next-next-next install. What does this distribution do for average user?

  9. Liav Is_Here says:

    The blink guy is in Vacation guys

  10. Liav Is_Here says:

    Only I want a course about hacking from start?

  11. Donald Duck says:

    "Ultra secure .. extremely secure" !? What's next, Godly secure?? Dang.. when just the word secure isn't enough to describe that it is secure.. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  12. Gaius Marius says:

    Hey i have a question.
    What is your opinion about the state of sandboxing for linux distros like Ubuntu and manjaro,most of them dosn't come preconfigured but some like parrot and qubes(not a distro) do. Read somewhere that windows is actually better in the regard. Isn't it needed in linux world?
    Would love to know your thoughts ❤️

  13. X says:

    Wow, I really love Nick! All his video contents are towards my interest

  14. Huzuni says:

    I just purchased the Ethical Hacking Certification bundle for the discounted price of 149 dollars, however I have yet to receive instructions on how to redeem the purchase/access the content. On the page it says it'll only be a few minutes, but it's been hours since I payed and I was wondering if somebody here at Nullbyte could get in touch with me, I can provide the order number and receipt PDF if needed. Thanks!

  15. "I'm in Los Angeles." You have my sympathies.

  16. Cyb3r N1nj4 says:

    I'm 15 years old and I've been an ethical black/gray-hat hacker sense I was 10. I've messed with tools on computers sence I was 3. My brother was a hacker in the north for a cyber security schooling place, he was the teacher for an advanced Linux class. He was my role model. I think yall are my idols though.

  17. What is the benefit of this strip down OS?

  18. Raoul Khaleb says:

    null nyte what is social engineering and data breach?

  19. Evil Dead says:

    Hey If you dont mind can you make a tutorial on hershell ?

  20. You guys still post, I’m so glad I don’t have to do it all by myself

  21. Sir could you please make a video on installing gvm 11 ( openvas) in Kali Linux 2020.3

  22. Noel Watson says:

    GoodDay, GreatVid, Here's a problem I had I'm presuming others will have. In OracleVM there is no 64bit option for BSD. and I cannot find a 32 Bit version of BSD on the link here. I'm going to watch again, maybe i missed something. Perhaps a link for a 64bit Oracle VM is somewhere Else. Thanks.